Americans rally for Palestinian statehood

In hopes for an internationally recognized Palestinian state, a group of mostly students gathered outside the White House to voice their demands to the United States government.

Student organizers rallied their colleagues and others to support the fast approaching vote later this month in the United Nations on the recognition of Palestine as a member state.
Recent reports reveal that the Obama administration has flatly refused the Palestinian request, telling President Mahmoud Abbas that it would use its voting power as a U.N. Security Council member to veto the bid for Palestinian statehood.
But the U.N. General Assembly vote is poised to accept Palestinian nationhood, at least to a nonvoter observer state from its current status of nonvoting “entity”. This new position would allow Palestine to join several U.N. bodies and allow it to bring cases against Israel to the International Criminal Court.
Pressure from lobbyists, think tanks, politicians and others is increasing in Washington on the Obama administration to support the Israeli position and not accept Palestinian nationhood.
This protest in front of the White House is one of eight taking place all across the country today, where protesters are demanding that the U.S. government recognize the necessity of a Palestinian state, one that is given the same rights that are afforded to almost all of the world’s nations.

( / 05.09.2011)

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