Turkey to raise Israel’s Gaza blockade to The Hague

Turkish FM Davutoglu says Ankara will start process at Int’l Court of Justice for investigation into “what Gaza blockade really is.”

ISTANBUL – Turkey said on Saturday that it would apply next week for an  investigation by the International Court of Justice into the legality of Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Speaking to Turkish  state-run television during a gathering of European foreign ministers in Poland, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also reiterated  Turkey’s support for efforts to win recognition for a Palestinian state  through the United Nations.

On Friday, Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador and froze military  agreements with Israel after a UN report on the killing of nine Turks  during an IDF raid on a Gaza-bound ship a year.

The UN report concluded that the blockade was “a legitimate security measure in order to prevent weapons entering Gaza by sea.”

Davutoglu said Turkey did not accept that conclusion, noting that it contradicted the UN Human Rights Council’s findings.

“We will start the application process to the International Court of  Justice within the next week, for an investigation into what the Gaza  blockade really is,” Davutoglu told TRT news channel.

Turkey has  also said it will pursue criminal cases against officials responsible  for the killings of the nine Turks, one of whom was a US citizen.

“Israel has to make a choice, the Arab Spring will bring about a significant  enmity against Israel if it fails to change its attitude regarding  regional issues,” Davutoglu told TRT news channel.

(www.jpost.com / 03.09.2011)

Kaddafi kreeg hulp van CIA en MI6

De verdreven Libische leider Muammar Kaddafi heeft nauw samengewerkt met de Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst CIA en de Britse dienst MI6. Dat meldden de kranten The Wall Street Journal, The Independent en The Times.

Onder de Amerikaanse president George W. Bush zouden zelfs terreurverdachten en andere personen naar het Noord-Afrikaanse land zijn gestuurd om te worden ondervraagd. Een van hen is Abdel Hakim Belhadj. Hij werd na aankomst in Libië ondervraagd en gemarteld. Belhadj voert momenteel de anti-Kaddafistrijders in de straten van Tripoli aan.

Uit de documenten blijkt ook dat de toenmalige Libische inlichtingenchef Moussa Koussa warme contacten onderhield met hooggeplaatste CIA-medewerkers. Een toespraak van Kaddafi over zijn wapenarsenaal lijkt te zijn geschreven door de CIA.

De samenwerking tussen de CIA en Kaddafi’s bewind was zo goed dat de Amerikanen ‘een permanente aanwezigheid’ in het Noord-Afrikaanse land hadden, zo blijkt uit een memorandum dat Stephen Kappes van de Amerikaanse inlichtingendienst aan Koussa stuurde. Kappes speelde een belangrijke rol in de onderhandelingen die ertoe leidden dat de Libische leider Muammar Kaddafi in 2003 besloot zijn nucleair programma op te geven.

De Britse inlichtingendiensten hielden Libië op de hoogte van de activiteiten van vluchtelingen in Groot-Brittannië. Zo liet de MI6 Libië in 2004 weten dat een Libische oppositieactivist was vrijgelaten uit een Britse gevangenis. Ook zouden de Britten telefoonnummers hebben willen traceren voor Libië.

De kranten baseren zich op geheime documenten, die onder meer zijn gevonden in een kantoor van Koussa. Hij vluchtte eind maart naar Groot-Brittannië en reisde daarna naar Qatar.

De documenten zijn ingezien en gekopieerd door onderzoekers van de mensenrechtenorganisatie Human Rights Watch (HRW). De medewerkers waren vrijdag in een gebouw van de Libische inlichtingendienst. HRW helpt de nieuwe regering van Libië met het veiligstellen van documenten van het regime van Kaddafi.
De regeringen in Washington en Londen hebben nog niet gereageerd op de berichten.

(www.parool.nl / 03.09.2011)

The Arab Spring Forces Israel to Change its Security Strategy

September 03, 2011                         Arik Segal

The recent cycle of violence in southern Israel marked a few important precedents in Israeli security policy. First, the Southern Israeli border with Egypt is no longer safe as it has been in the past 30 years. Second, the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt should not be taken for granted. Third and most important was the decision of Israeli cabinet not to forcefully respond to rocket attacks coming from Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that: “Israel will not respond to the attacks from Gaza with a large-scale operation”. The Israeli government realized that the new environment created by the Arab Spring has limited the Israeli use of power as means to achieve security- thus the strategy of deterrence has become less effective. Israel should seek a new strategy of engagement with the Arab world that will secure it in the long term.

The use of deterrence as a tool in Israeli defense policy is rooted in the origins of the Jewish state and its first Prime Minister – David Ben-Gurion. Following the Arab refusal to accept the UN’s partition plan and the consequent 1948 war, Ben-Gurion acknowledged that the Arab nations will never accept the existence of the Jewish state among them, thus Israel will have to fight a serious of wars in which it will have achieve a fast and decisive victory by overwhelming force. His reasoning was that In the post World War 2 era, military conflicts were won by sheer numbers and since the Arab-Israeli population ration was 200-1, therefore, Ben-Gurion thought that it was imperative for Israel to develop a strong military deterrence capability.

To perform and maintain a strong deterrence capability, the Israeli military must follow these principles: retaliate with overwhelming force when Israel is attacked, maintain advanced defensive weaponry and keep a qualitative military advantage over the Arab armies.
Eventually, Ben-Gurion concluded, the Arab nations will come to grasp that it is impossible to win Israel by force and they will come to terms with a Jewish state in the heart of the Middle East. This paradigm was the basis for the development of the Israeli Security Perception that persists until present day – more than 60 years since the country was established.

Up until the beginning of the 80′s, Ben-Gurion’s deterrence strategy proved to be successful. The Israeli military managed to achieve decisive victories in the wars it fought, the Mossad and Israeli elite unites performed James Bond style operations all over the world and the Israeli military maintained its qualitative advantage over the Arab armies. Unofficial reports mentioned that Israel acquired nuclear capability which gives its deterrent capability another dimension. Finally, the peace agreement signed with Egypt in 1979 could be interpreted as Israel’s deterrence biggest achievement.

In the last three decades deterrence strategy became less efficient due to several reasons. First, the changing nature of global military conflicts makes it harder achieve and observe deterrence. Most military conflicts occur between a state and a non-state actor – the modern battlefield takes place in urban or rural staging areas and armies fight in guerilla style warfare. In this kind of warfare it is much more difficult for an organized, sophisticated military to achieve a clear, decisive victory. Moreover, fighting in urban populated areas entails an almost certain loss of civilian lives which undermines the benefits from engaging in a military operation. Finally, most groups which Israel is fighting against today embrace the “martyr” principle. As a result, it is much harder to threaten one with death when one is willing to die for his cause, especially when there will be many others to replace him after his death.

Second, Israel has yet to develop an efficient defensive deterrent weapons system that will answer the main threat it is facing today- hundreds and thousands rocket and missiles aimed at Israeli civilian centers from the Gaza strip and Southern Lebanon. The new “Iron Dome” system offers only a partial solution against the above threat. It is enough for one rocket to penetrate throw this system to kill many civilians and make it obsolete.

Third, the legitimacy under which Israeli deterrence strategy has been acting upon has changed since the early stages of the Jewish state. When Israel faced an existential threat from its neighbors who sought to push the Jewish people into the Mediterranean, it was easier for Israel to act with overwhelming force under the justification of self defense.  Nowadays, many interpret any use of force by Israel as directed against Palestinians who seek self determination and thus see it as unjustified –even when it is not the case. Therefore, Israel is largely criticized internationally and recently few congress members objected selling sophisticated weapons that is used by Israeli Special Forces.

The geo-political changes of the Arab Spring hit the final blow to the effectiveness of Israeli deterrence strategy. In a stable Middle Eastern environment, it was easy to recognize that Assad feared Israeli military might and has not engaged in an armed conflict despite Israeli attacks on Syrian soil. It was also easy to know that Mubarak’s Egypt would support Israeli operations in Gaza and Abdullah’s Jordan will not intervene if Israel decides to engage in a large operation in the West Bank. However the Middle East is far away from being stable and predictable. Israel now deals with more than the Arab rulers who feared Israeli military strength that might push them from their thrown, but with the Arab peoples who’s hatred towards Israel may pushes their new rulers to be more aggressive towards Israel – as witnessed in Egypt. Moreover, new alliances among new Arab governments might be formed and restrict Israeli military response – as in the case of Egypt-Hamas. It should come as no surprise that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah praised his old Egyptian nemesis following its uproar towards Israel in the aftermath of the border incident.

The skirmish on the Egyptian-Israeli border made it clear – Israel cannot rely only on deterrence as a strategy to achieve security. This is not to say that Israel should give up on its military since it still faces severe security problems. However it should not rely solemnly on deterrence as means to achieve security. In addition it should develop an engagement strategy with Arab countries that will grant it security in the long term.  Such engagement could follow the lines of the Israeli Peace Initiative which seeks to promote a regional peace agreement in the Middle East. Israel has a lot to offer in terms of political and economic cooperation- especially in times when Arab nations need.

When a right wing government publicly admits that it chooses not to use its full military power  when Israeli sovereignty was violated, it proves that a change of strategy is no longer a question of political orientation. In the new Middle East deterrence as the only strategy to secure Israel is becoming less and less effective. It is time for Israeli decision makers to fulfill the second part of Ben-Gurion’s vision- to make peace with its neighbors.

(www.middleastpost.com / 03.09.2011)

Gaza press protests Israel’s arrest of Al-Jazeera journalist Samer Allawi

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Dozens of journalists protested Saturday in front of UN offices in Gaza City demanding that Israel immediately released Al-Jazeera correspondent Samer Allawi.

Israeli authorities detained Allawi, Afghanistan bureau chief of the Qatar-based network, at the Allenby Bridge on the Jordan-West Bank border on August 10.

Allawi was returning from a three-week holiday in his hometown of Sebastiya in the West Bank district of Nablus, a statement from the satellite news channel’s Jerusalem bureau said.

Speaking at Saturday’s protest, director of the Doha Media Center Adel Zanoun said journalists paid a heavy price for their work as Israel either killed or detained them.

“Journalists came to speak out loud and ask Israel to immediately release Samir Allawi and all other journalists detained in Israel. The only crime those journalists committed was being professional and defending the freedom of press and expression.”

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Gaza Wael Dahdouh also highlighted the dangers of journalism in the region, saying reporters were “either killed, injured or detained.” He noted that Al-Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan Al-Jaber was killed in March in Libya.

Dahdouh said Allawi had visited his family in Nablus several times before without incident.

Israel was holding Allawi without charge “in line with Israel’s arbitrary practices against Al-Jazeera,” he added.

In August, Allawi’s lawyer Salim Waqim told Ma’an the journalist was arrested by Israel’s internal intelligence service Shin Bet.

He was being held on suspicion of affiliation with Hamas’ military wing, but there was no evidence against him, the lawyer said.

Israeli intelligence forces questioned the journalist about his work and management of Al-Jazeera’s bureau in Afghanistan, Waqim added, and took the login details for his personal work email and news software information.

His financial status, relationships with family and relatives, school days in Nablus and his college years in Islamabad were also questioned, the lawyer said.

Israeli authorities queried whether Allawi was in touch with US, Jordanian, Palestinian or other intelligence services, and accused him of being a member of and in contact with Islamist group Hamas.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 03.09.2011)

Analysis: Why UN statehood for Palestine is pointless

By Gloria Caleb
Published: September 3, 2011
BEIRUT: Out on the streets of Beirut and particularly in and around the crowded Palestinian refugee camps in the last week of July, one frequently saw Palestinians chanting slogans and waving their national flag. No matter what the occasion, these gatherings always reiterate Palestinian people’s right to return to their homeland from which they were expelled six decades ago on the creation of Israel.

With the same goal in mind, the Palestinian National Authority (PA) will present its case of recognition as a state of a broken up rump Palestine  – bits and pieces of Palestine that remain on the West Bank – to the United Nations next month.

But for many, returning home still seems like a far-fetched ideal.

At the Viva Palestina Arabia conference at the American University of Beirut, there was little enthusiasm among the Palestinians for the idea of a UN membership for rump Palestine.

Far from helping it, the PA’s bid for UN recognition has worsened its political crisis. Palestinians point out that it is meaningless for towns, villages and refugee camps surrounded by Israeli walls to be presented as a sovereign state.

Dr Ghada Karmi, a leading Palestinian activist and writer, has for decades been an ardent supporter of a civil revolt as opposed to armed resistance. She, however, was severely critical of the insistence of PA president Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah group on talks with Israel. “They (Fatah) have closed all doors,” said Karmi, 74, while referring to the president’s position that negotiations are the only means to a solution. “Once your enemy knows that carrying out [futile] talks is all you are capable of, he won’t care. You can talk for as long as you like and they (the Israelis) will build settlement upon settlement,” she added.

Among the most prominent sceptics of the idea of a premature state is Leila Khaled, a leader of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Khaled, 67, who herself is a refugee from Palestine, is an icon for Palestinians since her hijacking of a TWA airliner in 1969. “People who support negotiations, must identify whom the Palestinians must negotiate with,” she said at the Viva Palestina event. For her the United States’ repeated use of its veto power in favour of Israel is the main reason for the stalled progress on the road to a solution of the Middle East dispute.

The US insistence on a mediatory role between the two parties is inconsistent with its policies in the Middle East which are hostile to Arabs. Armed intervention in the name of democracy in Iraq and support to the Western-backed Libyan rebels makes Palestinians understandably wary of the prospect of Americans being interlocutors in negotiations with Israel.

Palestinians generally view the move for UN-sanctioned statehood as a desperate move by the PA president as a safeguard against a popular uprising similar to the Arab Spring.

(tribune.com.pk / 03.09.2011)

Tegenvallende interesse voor Wilders in Berlijn

De fractieleider van de PVV, Geert Wilders, heeft onder zeer strenge veiligheidsmaatregelen vandaag in Berlijn een toespraak gehouden op een bijeenkomst van de kleine, rechtse partij Die Freiheit van René Stadtkewitz.. Die Freiheit geldt als een Duitse versie van Wilders’ PVV. Volgens Stadtkewitz ,,verkoopt bondskanselier Angela Merkel Duitsland aan Europa” en zijn de meeste werklozen in Duitsland afkomstig uit moslimlanden.

Wilders keerde zich opnieuw tegen de Europese superstaat en de islam, die hij ziet als grootste bedreigingen. Hij beklemtoonde ook dat ,,Breivik geen van ons is”, verwijzend naar de Noorse, ultrarechtse extremist Anders Behring Breivik, die in juli een bomaanslag in Oslo en een massamoord ten noordwesten van de stad pleegde. ,,Wij weren geweld af, wij zijn democraten, wij geloven in vredelievendheid, wij wijzen de islam af vanwege zijn gewelddadigheid”, aldus Wilders.

Tegenvallende opkomst
Er waren met naar schatting 600 belangstellenden minder toehoorders dan verwacht. De politie had de omgeving van het hotel waar Wilders en gelijkgezinden uit onder meer Duitsland en Oostenrijk bijeen zijn gekomen, afgezet. Een paar honderd demonstranten betoogden tegen de bijeenkomst.

(www.parool.nl / 03.09.2011)

Muslim preacher assassinated in London

London, (Pal Telegraph) – Sheikh Maymun Zarzur, a Lebanese imam, was killed after leading prayers at the Muslim Welfare House in London, the Islamic centre said on Saturday.

Zarzour was found dead on Friday after leading the early morning Fajr prayers at the Islamic community centre, Muslim Welfare House said.

Police said they had arrested a man at the scene on suspicion of murder.

According to a Muslim Brotherhood official in Lebanon, Zarzur is Lebanese and from the southern Iqleem al-Kharoub region. He was in his 40s.

Zarzur had been the imam at the Muslim Welfare House in north London since 2009.

“Our imam has passed away,” the centre said on its website.

“It is thought that he was killed inside his office. We would like to send our condolences to all the Muslims in north London and the UK.

“The sheikh was very friendly and never had an argument with anyone in the community during his career in this mosque.”

Friday’s Fajr prayer is listed on the trust’s website as being at 04:38am.

Scotland Yard said they had made one arrest.

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service at 10:21am on Friday to reports of a man seriously injured at Muslim Welfare House in Seven Sisters Road, north London,” a spokeswoman said.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene. While detectives await formal confirmation of his identity, they are contacting his
family, who live outside Britain. A post-mortem examination is being arranged, the spokeswoman said.

“A man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder. At this stage we are not seeking to make any further arrests.”

Police have openened an incident room and are appealing for witnesses.

Officers are working closely with the Muslim Welfare House “to reassure the community during this difficult time.

“Inquiries continue to establish the full circumstances and any motive, although we believe the person we have arrested attended the mosque.

“This is not believed to be a race/faith hate crime.”

The Muslim Welfare House was founded in 1970 and functions as a community centre. It is a registered charity with offices, two
training centres, a youth centre, a library and prayer rooms for men and women.

Maymoun survived an assignation attempt in Lebanon in 2007. Then, he came to London seeking asylum and safety but he was at the end assassinated.

(networkedblogs.com / 03.09.2011)

“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks

Finally, a 9/11 book that addresses the attacks’ most important element: the direct involvement of Israel. Along with details of Israel’s lead role in the events of 9/11, author Victor Thorn reveals how the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” has been co-opted by Zionist interests with the aim of steering suspicion away from Israel and her many agents in the US government.“A majority of 9/11 researchers, and especially those who have become known as ‘gatekeepers,’ have avoided this subject like the plague,” Thorn writes. “Why? Because the direct implications to Israeli involvement in 9/11 are so overt, and so obvious, that no one could ever investigate this case again without considering the Mossad as one of the primary suspects.”“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Download it HERE read it, and email it to every thinking person you know.

Much of “9/11 Evil” is devoted to what Thorn does best: exposing the multifarious disinformation agents in the so-called “truth movement.” As the author intelligently explains it:

“There has been established within the CONTROLLED alternative media and 9/11 ‘truth movement’ a framework which parallels precisely that of the mainstream media. Stated differently, those who lord over the Jewish-dominated corporate press established the same rigid type of operation when they created their phony 9/11 ‘truth’ network. The logic behind such a maneuver is obvious. To prevent unwanted information from leaking out to the public and to instead keep it contained, they hand-picked a group of operatives before 9/11 even occurred to eventually bamboozle truth-seekers after the attacks took place.”

“A large percentage of the alternative media and 9/11 ‘truth movement’ (many of them Jewish) aren’t differentiated in the least from their counterparts in the Zionist-run corporate media. This point is vital to understand, because information control is essential in the cover-up process of any crime.”

“The exact same forces controlling the mainstream media information Matrix are also the same ones who control a majority of the alternative media. The best way of viewing this situation is as such: powerful Jewish forces have spent decades consolidating and monopolizing this country’s TV networks, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines. Do you think it’s possible that they would simply ignore those who are trying hardest to expose one of their greatest crimes ever? Of course not.”

“From the very moment this plot was first conceived, the cabal behind it was also planning the cover-up. One of the most integral aspects of this cover-up was a massive infiltration of the 9/11 truth movement. In fact, many of the most prominent deceivers are either Jewish, Jewish apologists, or part of a complex Zionist protection racket. We can no longer ignore this fact or keep our heads in the sand about it.”

Thorn then goes on to enumerate some of the “techniques that those who are bought and sold by the Israeli Lobby use to divert researchers in an arrav of convoluted directions.” These include:

1) A constant droning of vague, non-specific entities such as the “New World Order,” “globalists,” “Illuminati,” “internationalists,” and even “neo-cons” to intentionally deflect people’s attention away from those who actually masterminded 9/11 (therefore never using the world “Israel”).

2) Encourage the cult of personality where a popular radio show host will expose a variety of clandestine conspiracies, but never point his finger at the true culprit.

3) Bring in a religious figure who lays out (for all to see) the entire truth about the mechanics of 9/11, including the all-important World Trade Center controlled demolitions and the Whitewash Committee’s many lies, omissions, and distortions. The only problem is, this individual will refuse to pound a final nail in the coffin by shining a light on Israel’s role in these attacks.

4) Use paid back-room moles to infiltrate every possible 9/11 chat room, message board, and forum to create as much din, disruption, “noise,” and chaos as possible which constantly litters and pollutes the soup; effectively preventing most people from focusing on Israel’s central role in 9/11.

5) A seeming obsession with minutiae where researchers spend an inordinate amount of time endlessly fixating on the tiniest of details without stepping back and exposing the bigger picture and its subsequent ramifications. Or else they’ll engage in rhetorical debates for debate’s sake; all of which is sterile, self-contained, and circular in nature.

Unlike the legions of paid shills in the bogus “truth movement,” however, Thorn isn’t afraid to hang the blame squarely on the shoulders of the true perpetrators of the attacks:

“These shadowy figures were also the descendents of a long-line of behind-the-scenes manipulators who murdered JFK in cold-blood on a bright sunny day in Dallas. They too were a part of the cabal which created the Holohoax lies, staged the Lavon Affair, attempted to sink the USS Liberty, tried to cover-up the Dimona nuclear reactor, finagled us into two successive wars with Iraq, ran arms during the Iran-Contra affair, lurked in the shadows of the notorious BCCI banking scandal, clandestinely facilitated key players at Elohim City before the OKC Bombing, murdered Rachel Corrie in all her innocence, masterminded numerous spy operations (including Jonathon Pollard), and had their fingers all over the 9-11 terror attacks.”

“Yes. these are the same hidden forces which leverage $10 billion in ‘foreign aid’ each year from the United States and who are building a high-tech, militant apartheid wall around their borders during a time when every other nation is supposed to be ‘beyond’ such notions. And even though we’re all brainwashed into believing that our goal in the Middle East is freedom, peace, and democracy, Israel is an oppressive Bolshevik dictatorship which teems with such brazen racism that it hinges on being outright genocide. Worst of all, their slithering multi-tentacled Lobby is so powerful that its economic blackmail extends not only through the halls of congress, but all the way to our executive branch.”

Along with the better-known incidents of the “dancing Israelis,” the Israeli “art student” spies and the Israeli-owned Urban Moving company, Thorn goes into particular detail about the conspiracy’s biggest players, such as WTC owner (and zionist Jew) Larry Silverstein and Pentagon comptroller (and zionist Jew) Dov Zakheim. Here’s what Thorn — brilliantly connecting the dots — has to say about the former:

“Less than two months prior to the twin towers being struck by kamikaze airliners (July 24, 2001), the former president of New York’s United Jewish Appeal — Larry Silverstein — purchased the WTC complex from the Port Authority. This 99-year lease was the final coup de grace which allowed the conspirators to cement the last remaining piece to their puzzle.”

“Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press has also pointed out in great detail the Jewish connection of those who took control of the WTC towers. As stated, Larry Silverstein was former president of the UJA, a highly influential Zionist charity organization. Plus, the man who negotiated this deal — Saul Eisenberg — was on the planning board of not only the UJA, but also the United Jewish Federation. In addition, he also served as vice president of AIPAC, which is now ensnared in a huge Israeli spy scandal.”

“On top of that, Silverstein has been closely tied to two Likud mainstays — Ariel ‘the Butcher’ Sharon and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, prior to 9/11, Netanyahu and Silverstein would speak on the telephone every Sunday afternoon. Bibi [Netenyahu] becomes a key player in this scenario because he was the man who actually coined the term ‘war on terrorism,’ which is now the official buzzword for our never-ending, Israeli-induced perpetual war.”

Here’s what Thorn writes about the Israeli-owned ICTS airport security firm and its probable role in 9/11:

“This situation becomes even eerier when we realize that a private security firm — ICTS — was contracted to cover each of the terminals from which the 9/11 ‘hijackings’ took place. It should also be noted that ICTS is an Israeli company (its two chairmen are Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon), and many of its employees were formerly in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). Thus, only one entity had inside access to all of the vital airports on the morning of September 11 — an Israeli owned company.”

On WTC 7 and mortgage holder Stephen A. Schwartzman, Thorn writes:

”The mortgage holder for WTC 7 was the Blackstone Group, whose President and CEO was a Jewish man named Stephen A. Schwartzman. The chairman for this company was Peter G. Peterson (Jewish) who also served as chairman of New York’s Federal Reserve Bank. Peterson is also on the board of directors for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), while his partner (Mr. Schwartzman) is also a CFR member.”

”In addition, Peterson acted as chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers from 1973-77 (Jewish), then became chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers Kuhn, Loeb Inc (Jewish). Lastly, Peterson is founding chairman of the globalist-oriented Institution for International Economics and a recipient of the American Jewish Congress’s Stephen Wise Award.”

”And, just for good measure, it should be noted that the man who negotiated and authorized the transaction for Larry Silverstein (Jewish) was Port Authority Chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg (Jewish). Thus, what we’ve seen is that every pivotal player involved in the deal to move the WTC Complex from New York’s Port Authority to Larry Silverstein was Jewish. Every single one.”

On the infamous Defense Policy Board, which runs the US military machine, Thorn writes:

“Our nation’s War Machine takes its marching orders from an entity called the Defense Policy Board, which most certainly wields more power than the current Defense Secretary on 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld. The most important question now is: who runs the Defense Policy Board? The answer, not surprisingly, is Zionists such as long-time Bilderberg member Henry Kissinger (Jewish), James Schlessinger (Jewish), Eliot A. Cohen (Jewish), Paul Wolfowitz, now President of the World Bank (Jewish), Douglas Feith (Jewish), and the Prince of Darkness himself, Richard Perle (Jewish).”

On the so-called Neo-conservatives, Thorn writes:

”Who, though, are these oft-referred to neo-cons? Are they hard-core conservatives that want smaller government and limited US involvement in foreign armed conflicts? Not a chance. In actuality, the neo-cons are ex-Trotskyites who followed the lead of their Jewish mentor, Leo Strauss, who unequivocally advocated the ‘noble lie’ to further one’s agenda. Biographer Shadia Drury even described Strauss as a ‘new Machiavelli’ and said that he was ‘a great believer in the efficacy and usefulness of lies in politics.’ Does this sound eerily familiar to 9/11 — promoting the ‘big lie’ to further Israel’s Grand Cause?”

”Thus, when we view the neo-cons in this light, they’re not even conservatives or Republicans; but instead disaffected Leftists and Marxists loyal to Israel.”

[For more on the Neo-conservatives and their influence in Washington, watch this excellent BBC documentary — “The War Party” — HERE

And on the sinister Office of Special Plans — the driving force behind Washington’s illegal war on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq — the author writes:

”Another branch of this Zionist octopus is the Office of Special Plans, which nicknamed itself ‘The Cabal.’ Its dark-visionary driving force was Paul Wolfowitz, while being directed by Leo Strauss’ protege Abram Shulsky (Jewish). Shulsky was Donald Rumsfeld’s chief disinformation agent who had spent his Cold War years mastering Soviet disinformation techniques. He also reported directly to Paul Wolfowitz, and co-authored a research paper entitled ‘Leo Strauss and the World of Intelligence,’ which promoted the idea that ‘a certain amount of deception is essential in government.’”

“The neo-con-led Office of Special Plans was so powerful that it even took precedence over the Pentagon’s DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and was one of the primary contributors to the eventual war with Iraq. Deception about WMD’s was their forte.”

Finally, Thorn lists the names of “the primary players” inside the Pentagon/White House in positions to pull off 9/11. They include:

Richard Perle — Jewish
Paul Wolfowitz — Jewish
Kenneth Adelman — Jewish
Lewis “Scooter” Libby — Jewish
Douglas Feith — Jewish
Dov Zakheim — Jewish
David Wurmser — Jewish
Elliot Abrams — Jewish
Eliot Cohen — Jewish
Daniel Pipes — Jewish
Stephen Bryen — Jewish (suspected by the DIA of turning over classified Pentagon records to Israel in the late 1970′s; he later founded JINSA)

“So,” Thorn concludes, “what we have here is the Zionist-aligned Defense Policy Board (the real power behind the War Machine’s throne) controlling every top spot at the Pentagon; with PNAC-signatories Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney following in fully compliant lockstep. Therefore, when we look at the military’s ‘stand-down’ on the morning of 9/11, if anybody says that Israel didn’t control it, they’re absolutely incorrect, for the entire Pentagon think-tank was an insanely obsessed cabal of Jewish murderers who were calling all the shots.”

The book contains much more extremely relevant material on several other elements of the 9/11 crime, including the Israeli telecommunications firms — Amdocs, Comverse, Odigo and Checkpoint — that allowed Israel to control America’s communications network; the influence of the Israeli lobby and Zionist think-tanks on US foreign policy; control of the mainstream media by Jewish interests; and the leading role played by the Jewish Rothchild banking family in all the major conflicts of the last century.

“9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks” by Victor Thorn — Down load it here, read it, and email it to every thinking person you know.

To download an excellent 2008 interview with Victor Thorn by Christian pastor and radio host Texe Marrs — in which the two men discuss Thorn’s book — click HERE

Also, Thorn’s WingTV broadcast archives — in which he and wife Lisa Giuliani skewer so-called “truth-tellers” in the “alternative” media — are well worth listening to. They can all be found at www.wingtv.net (although they currently appear to be having some server problems).

“9/11 Evil” by Victor Thorn — Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks

 (ehpg.wordpress.com / 03.09.2011)

Radicaal rechts in Europa: wie zijn ze en wat ertegen te doen?

In de komende periode zal links meer en meer worden getest in zijn antwoord op de opmars van radicaal-rechts

Vandaag demonstreert de gewelddadige English Defense League in Londen en spreekt Wilders op een bijeenkomst van ‘Die Freiheit’ in Berlijn. Die gebeurtenissen staan niet op zich. Door heel Europa zijn rechts-radicale stromingen aan een gevaarlijke opmars bezig. Wat is de samenhang tussen de stromingen – en hoe kunnen ze gestopt worden?

Op zijn persconferentie na de terreurdaden in Noorwegen zei Rutte dat Wilders ‘niets met de aanslagen te maken’ had. ‘Dit is de daad van een totale idioot.’ Maar Breivik heeft zich niet in een vacuüm tot massamoordenaar ontwikkeld. Het afgelopen decennium heeft elk Europees land de doorbraak gezien van nieuwe, agressievere, rechtse formaties, van Lega Nord tot het Vlaams Belang, van UKIP tot Jobbik. Al deze groeperingen staan voor een extreme vorm van neoliberalisme, een terugkeer naar autoritair bestuur en politiestaatmethoden. In de meeste gevallen gebruiken ze islamofobie om hun programma van een breed draagvlak te voorzien, maar ze richten zich soms ook tegen de Roma of in het geval van de Vlaams-nationalisten tegen de Walen. Ze hebben allemaal een racistische en antidemocratische agenda die krachten oproept van buiten de gevestigde instellingen.

Er zijn echter ook belangrijke strategische verschillen. Ten eerste zijn er de klassieke eurofascistische partijen zoals het Front National (FN) in Frankrijk en de British National Party (BNP). Zij verenigen een groep oudere kaderleden die gestaald zijn in de fascistische ideologie, en hebben een verkiezingsstrategie die erop gericht is om plaatselijke bolwerken op te bouwen. Ten tweede zijn er gewelddadige straatbewegingen die fysieke terreur uitoefenen, zoals de English Defence League (EDL) en de georganiseerde knokploegen die we in Rusland en andere Oost-Europese landen zien opkomen. Ten derde zijn er populistische racistische partijen zoals de PVV en de Ware Finnen, die een puur electorale strategie volgen en zich uitdrukkelijk proberen te distantiëren van de fascistische elementen binnen extreem-rechts.

De verschillen zijn niet statisch en het is belangrijk om te herkennen hoe deze verschillende stromingen elkaar beïnvloeden en kruisbestuiven. Dat gebeurt zowel op het niveau van individuele als strategische uitwisseling. De opkomst van islamofobie en het electorale succes van partijen zoals de Oostenrijkse FPÖ en de Italiaanse Lega Nord hebben kleinere fascistische groeperingen zelfvertrouwen en politieke ruimte gegeven. Die hebben op hun beurt geleerd van hun populistische broeders en zoeken naar manieren om hun draagvlak te vergroten. Er zijn vanuit die gedeelde ervaringen twee ingrediënten voor succes die vrijwel alle radicaal-rechtse stromingen ondertussen hebben omarmd.

Ten eerste het afschudden van klassieke fascistische symboliek, want pas als ze zich ontdoen van deze belastende bagage kunnen deze formaties uit hun isolement breken. De leider van de BNP Nick Griffin noemt dit het afrekenen met de drie H’s: Hobbyisme, Harde taal en Hitler. Pim Fortuyn was een voorloper van deze trend: openlijk homoseksueel, expliciet pro-Israël en een ‘noch links, noch rechts’-kandidaat. Zo distantieerde hij zich van het antisemitisme, de homofobie en de extreem-rechtse retoriek van partijen als het FN en de Nederlandse Centrum Democraten.

Onderdeel van het vervaardigen van een respectabel imago is de verandering in vorm van het hedendaagse racisme. Dat richt zich niet meer voornamelijk op kleur, maar op cultuur. Dit heeft tot verwarring geleid bij antiracisten. Hoewel politici als Wilders en Marine Le Pen (FN) discrimineren op basis van afkomst, komen ze er vooralsnog mee weg door zich voor te doen als onschuldige ‘religie- en cultuurcritici’.

Het tweede ingrediënt voor succes is het zich agressief afzetten tegen het establishment. Hiermee boren ze een reëel bestaande sociaal-economische onvrede aan en kanaliseren ze deze tegen een gefabriceerde ‘linkse elite’ van ‘landverraders’ die met hun softe cultuurrelativisme ‘onze manier van leven’ verkwanselen aan een ‘vijfde colonne van islamitische barbaren’.

Deze mix van anti-eliteretoriek en islamofobie is een heel gevaarlijke omdat het probeert klassentegenstellingen om te buigen in een oorlog tussen culturen. Dat is waar Wilders in wezen toe oproept. Tegenover de NRC zei hij in 2008: ‘Bevrijding van de islam is het doel, en wie niet meevecht een laffe “Chamberlain”’. ‘Je kan intolerantie alleen met intolerantie beantwoorden, het is niet anders, vrienden. Dat is misschien niet prettig, niet politiek correct. Maar als je niet wilt dat je zelf wordt opgegeten, zal je toch de ander moeten opeten.’

Deze ideologische overtuiging leidt onherroepelijk tot gewelddadige conclusies, aangezien het een kwestie van ‘overleven’ is. Breivik is dan ook geen Karst T. (Apeldoorn) of een Tristan van der V. (Alphen), maar een ideologische extremist die de visie van de PVV tot haar praktische consequenties heeft doorgetrokken. Tegenover de rechter verklaarde Breivik dat hij zijn daden had gepleegd om ‘West-Europa te redden van een overname door moslims’. Hij richtte zijn wapens op de socialistische partij omdat deze schuldig zou zijn aan ‘verraad aan Noorwegen’ door de ‘massa-import van moslims’.

Breiviks ideeën liggen dus volledig in lijn met die van Wilders. Het zorgwekkende is niet alleen de opkomst van bewegingen die systematisch haatzaaien tussen bevolkingsgroepen, maar ook dat het establishment de weg bereidt.

Waar vijftien jaar geleden Janmaat nog werd veroordeeld voor uitspraken als ‘Eigen volk eerst’ en ‘Wij schaffen, zodra we de mogelijkheid en de macht hebben, de multiculturele samenleving af’, zijn deze onder de Europese leiders ondertussen gemeengoed geworden.

De Franse president Sarkozy zei onlangs: ‘Wie naar Frankrijk komt, moet accepteren dat er één samenleving is. Wie dat niet aanvaardt, komt niet naar Frankrijk (…) Wij willen geen halal-keuzemogelijkheid in schoolkantines, gebeden buiten moskeeën en sluiers, en nee, zeker geen minaretten.’

De Britse premier Cameron ging zo ver te zeggen dat ‘staatsmulticulturalisme’ heeft geleid tot ideologisch extremisme en het kweken van ‘islamitisch terrorisme van eigen bodem’. De Duitse bondskanselier Merkel was hem al voorgegaan. Vicepremier Verhagen, toch al geen origineel denker, sloot zich ook aan: vrees voor ‘de buitenlanders’ is volgens hem ‘terecht’.

Burgerlijke partijen geven op deze manier een impuls en legitimiteit aan radicaal-rechts. Waarom? Ten eerste omdat dit hen in staat stelt om de ontevredenheid en verontwaardiging over de gevolgen van economische globalisering en hun eigen regeringsbeleid af te wentelen op een zondebok. Baan kwijt? Ingepikt door migranten. Bezuinigingen? Schuld van ‘de Grieken’. Gevoel van onbehagen? Komt door dat ‘Marokkaanse tuig’.

Ten tweede helpt de omarming van radicaal-rechts gedachtengoed regeringen om steun te verwerven voor een veel meer autoritaire vorm van neoliberalisme. Juist omdat vrijemarktkapitalisme duidelijk niet zoals beloofd ‘méér voor iedereen’ heeft gebracht en we een periode ingaan van groter sociaal verzet, moet er steun worden verworven voor het doorzetten van een extremere variant van hetzelfde afbraakbeleid. De oplossing vinden ze in de politiek die Wilders verdedigt: meer vrijheid voor de markt, aangevuld met de harde hand van de autoriteiten voor een ieder die zich niet schikt naar de dictaten van de staat. Dat is de economische logica achter de maatschappelijke verharding.

Op deze manier verschuift het politieke landschap stap voor stap naar rechts en wordt het taboe van gisteren de norm van vandaag. De verantwoordelijkheid voor het klimaat waarin er Breiviks kunnen opstaan ligt dan ook niet alleen bij Wilders, maar ook bij Rutte, Merkel en Sarkozy. Wilders zet de toon, zij dirigeren het orkest. Een effectieve strategie om radicaal rechts te stoppen verbindt een weerwoord tegen racisme en islamofobie daarom met verzet tegen het crisisbeleid van de gevestigde orde.

Gelukkig wordt de geschiedenis niet gemaakt door Grote Leiders, maar door gewone mensen. En waar die in groten getale voor hun eigen belangen vechten en de kracht van solidariteit herontdekken, vervliegt de wanhoop waar extreemrechts door gevoed wordt. Maar niets verloopt automatisch. Elke crisis kent polarisatie naar rechts en links, en welke pool dominant wordt is altijd een open vraag die wordt beslecht door de politieke krachten aan de grond.

In Spanje en Griekenland combineren antikapitalisten de strijd tegen de bezuinigingsmaatregelen met succesvolle campagnes tegen fascistische aanvallen op migranten. Afgelopen januari dreven grote demonstraties de fascisten van de straat. Anarchisten blokkeerden extreemrechtse clubhuizen en socialistische activisten joegen Nikolaos Michaloliakos, leider van de fascistische partij Gouden Dageraad, uit de gemeenteraad van Athene.

In Groot-Brittannië heeft een serie van tegenmobilisaties de opbouw van de EDL gedwarsboomd. Elke poging van deze gewelddadige beweging om haar kracht op straat te uiten werd beantwoord met tegenprotest, waarbij buurtcentra, moskeeën en lokale politici werden betrokken. Tot grote frustratie van de EDL werd ook de betoging in Amsterdam oktober vorig jaar, bedoeld als steunbetuiging aan Wilders en lanceermoment voor een ‘European Defence League’, gefrustreerd door een succesvolle tegenmobilisatie. De Dutch Defence League is de klap nooit te boven gekomen en werd onlangs opgeheven.

In de komende periode zal links meer en meer worden getest in zijn antwoord op de opmars van radicaal-rechts. In plaats van politici als Wilders naar de mond te praten is er een principieel tegenoffensief nodig. De aanslagen in Noorwegen hebben laten zien waar dit gedachtengoed toe leidt. Die waarschuwing moet aangegrepen worden om de opmars in de kiem te smoren. Wie niet wil dat de geschiedenis zich herhaalt, zal van het verleden moeten leren.

(Maina van der Zwan / www.joop.nl / 03.09.2011)

How US “charities” break tax laws to fund Israeli settlements

3 September 2011


In addition to providing $3 billion in annual military aid to Israel, Americans are subsidizing the construction of Israel’s illegal settlements.

In spite of US government statements about its displeasure with the expansion of Israeli settlements, US based organizations are abusing the 501(C)3 section of US tax codes to provide billions in subsidies to do exactly that.

There are hundreds of these tax-exempt, so-called charities funneling money to illegal Israeli settlements, often with the names no more creative than “American Friends of name an Israeli settlement.”

One such organization, American Friends of Ariel Inc., paints a picture of how these US based front groups collect tax-deductible
donations, and use them to build and expand illegal Israeli settlements, and in some cases, purchase weapons for the settlers within them. In many cases, including that of American Friends of Ariel Inc., the organization does not make substantial efforts to disguise the fact that the US based tax exempt entity is nothing more than a shell organization being used to transfer money abroad.

For example, the president of American Friends of Ariel, Ron Nachman, also happens to be the longtime mayor of Ariel. The sole programmatic function of American Friends of Ariel is to transfer funds to a non-exempt organization based in Ariel called the Ariel Development Fund, also controlled by Nachman, which describes itself simply as the “fundraising arm of the city of Ariel.”
Under Ron Nachman’s leadership, American Friends of Ariel transferred more than $5 million to the Ariel Development Fund over the last several years.

It is worth noting that much of the funding for American Friends of Ariel has come from Christian Zionist groups, and in general, these groups have played an increasingly dominant role in the financial and political support for the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise.

Devastating impact

The work of American Friends of Ariel Inc., and the many tax-exempt organizations like it, is having a devastating impact on local Palestinian communities. A recent report by the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs, covered by the Ma’an News Agency, described the “alarming trends of forced displacement of Palestinians in Area C” as a result of settlement expansion, and found that “more demolitions have taken place so far in 2011 than in all of 2009 and 2010 combined” (“UN: Marked increase in forced displacement of Palestinians,” 21 July 2011).

In addition to the gross human rights violations inherent in illegal Israeli settlement expansion, US taxpayers simply cannot afford
to build homes and walls in illegal Israeli settlements while record numbers of Americans are losing their homes, and unmet domestic needs in the US are at an all time high.

American Friends of Ariel, and the vast number of organizations like it, not only violate Palestinian human rights, they violate US
laws. American Friends of Ariel Inc. flouts US laws in two ways.

The first has to do with the structure of the organization, and the fact that most of these tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations are simply shells that transfer money to non-exempt organizations abroad, and the second deals with the exempt purposes set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Treasury Department.

The rule concerning the use of tax exempt entities as conduit organizations is clear, and states that “the code would be nullified if contributions inevitably committed to a foreign organization were held to be deductible solely because, in the course of transmittal to a foreign organization, they came to rest momentarily in a qualifying domestic organization” (Section 170(c)(2)(A)). That is exactly the case with American Friends of Ariel Inc., and hundreds of organizations like it, a fact which is abundantly clear upon review of their publicly available 990 tax forms.

Exacerbating poverty and neighborhood tensions

The second major legal violation occurs because these organizations fundamentally violate the purpose for which charities can be organized, namely to provide “relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.”

Illegal Israeli settlements, mostly built on expropriated land and operated with stolen resources, exacerbate poverty and systematically create an underprivileged class of people. Race-based colonies inherently increase neighborhood tensions, and they effectively annex occupied Palestinian land through a system of apartheid infrastructure that has been detrimental to Palestinian communities across the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

The raison d’etre of illegal Israeli settlements is rooted in institutionalized discrimination, and therefore technically violates IRS regulations on a daily basis in the same way that Bob Jones University violated those same regulations barring discrimination (Bob Jones University v United States).

In 1983, the Supreme Court ruled that the IRS had the authority to revoke the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University because they openly discriminated against interracially married individuals. The court ruled that such behavior was “wholly incompatible with the concepts underlying tax exemption,” and clarified by stating that “whatever may be the rationale for such private schools’ policies, racial discrimination in education is contrary to public policy.” Fundamental human rights like equality are not confined by jurisdiction, and organizations operating abroad are similarly bound to respect and uphold them.

The numerous and flagrant violations of the tax-exempt purposes set forth by the IRS and Treasury department should be reason enough to revoke the tax-exempt status of these organizations. It is hard to imagine the US playing any constructive role as an “honest broker” when in addition to providing $3 billion in annual military aid to Israel, Americans are also being forced to subsidize the construction and expansion of the same illegal settlements that our government is politely telling Israel are very unhelpful.

Because of the US government’s unwillingness to equally enforce the law, or use the proverbial stick instead of just carrots,
money that would otherwise be going into our national treasury to pay down the debt or build affordable housing in the US, is instead being used to construct and defend Jewish-only colonies in the occupied West Bank.

Mike Coogan is a member of Virginians for Middle East Peace.

(http://ht.ly/6km21 / 03.09.2011)