Palestinian State is only guarantee for Israeli security – Sarkozy

PARIS, Aug 31 (KUNA) — French President Nicolas Sarkozy said here Wednesday that the establishment of a Palestinian State was the best way to guarantee Israel’s security and he called for European Union to unite positions on a Palestinian bid for statehood recognition to be submitted at the UN General Assembly next month.
Speaking to a meeting of France’s global ambassadors, the French leader said that peace would not come without a Palestinian State and this would ensure Israel’s security.
“Any other choice is a folly for Israel,” the French President told the ambassadors’ corp.
“The parameters (of a peace agreement) are known,” he said.
He also urged the 27-nation European Union to close ranks and find a common position on the controversial Palestinian recognition demand, which has split the EU and has met with a hostile reaction from Israel and the United States.
“Not matter what the result, we will have a peace process to build,” Sarkozy insisted.
He criticized the approach to negotiations at the present time and he said the process had not worked.
“The method of negotiations is not the right one,” he remarked, adding that there must be a move “to enlarge the circle of
negotiators.” He pointed out that the EU was Israel’s largest trading partner and the biggest financial backer of the Palestinians and it should have a place at the negotiating table.
“Europe does not have to ask for a back seat… it is a partner in the negotiations,” he affirmed.
He also said that the US role in the negotiations was “essential” and unquestionable, but he urged that Europe, also, play its full role.

( / 31.08.2011)

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