American Zionists expressed opinion about Caucasus Emirate

An American Zio C. May, president of a “Foundation for defense of Democracies”, a policy institution focusing on so-called “terrorism” and “political Islam”, published on a Zio website News Chief an extremely spiteful article about Islam, in which he also touched the issue of a new Islamic country of Caucasus Emirate.

The Islamophobic jew writes with reference to the just released World Almanac of “Islamism”, published by an “American foreign policy council”, a non-governmental think tank, which claims to advises the American government (

“In Russia, the Caucasus Emirate “has ideologically and politically allied itself with the most virulent elements of the global
jihadist movement, including al-Qaeda, the Taliban (Western name for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – KC), Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and others” (no comments – KC)”.

Meanwhile, an American marine in a discussion of the Caucasus Emirate on the English-language website of the American state dept. Radio Liberty (there are less FSB agents there among the staff than in the Russian Service, and correspondingly less censorship) recalled that during the American War of Independence “for England, George Washington was a terrorist”.

It is worth mentioning that the Zios are sounding the alarm for several years already and call for “paying attention” to the North Caucasus.

So, two years ago a Zio paper in jew-occupied single and indivisible Palestine published an analysis of the situation by certain jew “experts” who came to a conclusion that North Caucasus is now “turned into an international problem (see The International Jew,
the World’s Foremost Problem
, by Henry Ford Sr.) from a purely Russian one”.

According to the International Jew, North Caucasus is now “one of the main fronts of struggle for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate”, and “Chechnya has become a powerful outpost of the Islamic Jihad”.

( /30.08.2011)

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