Israeli Occupation Closes August with One Demonstrator Shot In Ni’lin.

For more than three weeks Ni’lin village has been witnessing several brutal midnight invasions and raids of local houses. But this time it’s different. The raids are not for arresting people, but instead just for training  and getting ready to suppress the popular struggle uprising next September in different
villages of the West Bank such as Ni’lin, Bil’in, Nabi Saleh, Masarah and Beit Ommar.

The Israeli army is adding new units of soldiers who are in the army reserve, training them to get ready for this event. The recent night raids into the West Bank village of Ni’lin over the past three weeks, as well as comments made in Israeli media, attest that a new type of gas has been developed for next September which causes the diarrhea.  Demonstrators in Ni’lin on 26 August reported a new type of gas being used by military in the last peaceful demonstration.

Upon arriving at the gate of the annexation wall, Israeli soldiers started to shoot tear gas grenades in a high volumes, which led to dozens suffering from tear gas inhalation, Demonstrators separated from each other to deffrent places along the Apartheid Wall where they found shot up cardboard photos of Palestinians installed in the ground in sensitive sites next to the Apartheid Wall, used for trainings on for aiming and sniping.

The demonstration continued until 03:00 pm. Some of the demonstrators managed to cut some pieces of the electrical fence.  Iraeli soldiers used rubber coated steel bullets against the demonstrators which led to the leg injury of one demonstrator

The demonstration was organized by the Ni’lin Popular Committee against the Apartheid Wall in joint with dozens of people from the village as well as a number of international activists.

Despite the heat and fasting during the last few days of Ramadan, the people of Ni’lin will to continue their just struggle against apartheid.

( / 29.08.2011)

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