Erekat: Palestinians to press with U.N. membership bid

Occupied Jerusalem, Aug 28 (Petra) — Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Monday the Palestinians would go
ahead with a plan to acquire full membership at the United Nations, and added when that quest is achieved Israel cannot retain settlements or continue expanding them.

Erekat added in an interview with the Israeli Maariv newspaper: “If veto is wielded at the Security Council against the Palestinian
bid, we will go to the U.N. General Assembly, a move that could possibly change the situation.” Asked about the prospect of dismantling the Palestinian Authority if the U.N. bid failed, he said: “If under Israeli pressure the United States uses veto power and imposes economic sanctions on us, and if military pressure continues together with settlement expansion, then Israel, as the
occupying power, has to shoulder its responsibility stipulated by international conventions, the 1907 Hague Convention and the 1949 Geneva Convention.

( / 28.08.2011)

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