What can we do???

In one of my notes lately, a friend´s comment has woke up my attention, and it kept me thinking about it and how we could make it true, its hard but possible.

I will start by asking what are we all doing mainly in the internet and special we with arab native, example in the Palestina Case, we are insulting, spreading news accusing them for our disaster, and if we are right is this the solution, I guess the only progress is spreading the news. Nothing else we reach, but is there a other solution???

We should start to search the faults in us what we do, because if we go back in the History, we can see that what israHELL made till our day today, was never possible if there was no support from our side, such as the traitor leaders.

for example lets Take egypt, since I can remeber it was never really ruled in favour of its nation, if we think from the King time till today the military council (Tantawi), what does this what the west wants.

Libya in which the fight against the Dictator becames the injustice.

and the Arab Goverments instead holding together and creating a own power, no they are fighting against each other, they should get independ.

We here all are fighting for the truth, mainly on Facebook, we blame alot about it and that it is a ziontist tool, yes it is and even several “DEMOCRATIC” goverments as USA UK and Germany wants to start to controll it and blocke it.

Why didnt arab groups make a similar community in which no enemy have the controll, but by this time even the King of Saudi wanted to buy the facebook, but not to support no he was afraid of it.

We should get United, and educate ourself first the culture of fight, fight against injustice and for the truth.

We are not fighting a Goverment, no we are fighting against A system with the most powerful goverments in the world.

we should get united and be one hand but a strong one as the truth is the strongest weapon

Only United we will free Palestine

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebook / 27.08.2011)

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