Report: Egypt thwarts Israeli assassination of Hamas PM

Egypt has forced Israel to abort a mission aiming to assasinate Hamas prime minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh, the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reported, citing Palestinian sources.

According to the report, Egypt acted swiftly to pressure Israel to back out of the planned operation, which was decided upon following the recent multiple terror attacks near Eilat.

Egypt also contacted the Islamic Jihad and swayed it to declare a ceasefire, while negotiating a ceasefire with Hamas and other factions in Gaza, most notably the Popular Resistance Committees.

According to the report, the Palestinian Authority also took part in the efforts to convince the terror groups to stop the rocket attacks on Israel, informing the factions in Gaza that it is only a matter of time before Israel carries out the threat on Haniyeh’s life.

Despite the Islamic Jihad’s agreement to an armistice, the rocket fire from Gaza continued on Friday; two Qassams exploded in open areas in the western Negev. Hours earlier, a rocket was fired at the Ashklon vicinity. No injuries or damage were caused in the attacks.

( / 27.08.2011)

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