Capsules of Faith: Work for Allah, Take the Initiative

Qurann prettyYou can work for Allah in different ways: through your career, your voluntary  work, your activism in defence of justice and humanity.

The follower, Oqba Ibn Nafea worked for Allah for 43 years. He established  the city of Qirawan and was one of the pioneers who introduced Islam to North  Africa.

Oqba Ibn Nafea’s father was a staunch enemy of Islam and Muslims. He shot an  arrow at Sayeda Zainab PBUH (the prophet’s PBUH daughter). She was hit and  consequently died. The Prophet forgave him.

وَلَا تَسْتَوِي الْحَسَنَةُ وَلَا السَّيِّئَةُ ادْفَعْ بِالَّتِي هِيَ  أَحْسَنُ فَإِذَا الَّذِي بَيْنَكَ وَبَيْنَهُ عَدَاوَةٌ كَأَنَّهُ وَلِيٌّ  حَمِيمٌ
Quran 41:34: ‘And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel  [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you  and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.’

The Prophet’s act of forgiveness touched the man’s heart so deeply, that he  dedicated his son Oqba to Allah. He sent his son to be raised by an important  companion of the Prophet PBUH.

Oqba Ibn Nafea worked for the cause of Allah throughout his life, he  discovered his talents and utilized them in service of his cause. He became an  expert on North Africa. His father put him on the right path. We should find  ways of putting children and youngsters in our circle of influence on the right  path, through excellent education and by being good role models.

If a sin is committed, don’t despair. Instead, do an act of kindness that  outweighs your sin and ask for forgiveness.

The Messenger of Allah PBUH said: “Fear Allah wherever you may be, trail a bad deed with a good deed and it will  wipe it out, and treat the people with good character.” [at-Tirmidhi stated as  Hadith Hasan]

Are you going to inspire your children and those in your circle of influence  to dedicate their life and work for justice, humanity and Islam? Are you doing  all you can do to change the world by being the best influence possible on those  around you? Are you inspiring and motivating others? Are you praising and  appreciating those who are trying to leave a positive impact, no matter how  small? Women have a special place in Islam. Are you acknowledging, praising and  motivating the wonderful women in your life and making them feel appreciated?

It may be that the early trials are not always very fruitful, but without the  early trials we wouldn’t have great achievements. Pioneers are always  appreciated because they lay down the foundations of what will later become  great successes.

Are you a pioneer? Do you always take initiative? Or are you passive and just  follow the crowd?

Taking risks if necessary is something commendable, but taking unnecessary  risks and making impulsive decisions are attributes that will not help you reach  success.

Pioneers are not afraid of failure. They understand that failure is part of  the process. They understand that learning from failure is an essential part of  building success.

Thomas Alva Edison said:
“I haven’t failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Don’t be afraid to try and don’t give up easily.

If you came to the realization that you are leading your life on the wrong  path, you can stop and change your path. It might mean making sacrifices, but  you have to be strong enough to lead your life, not let your life lead you.

Are you truly ready to join the path of Allah? Some people think that  praying, fasting, paying zakat, wearing the hijab etc are enough. Rituals of  worship are not everything in Islam. Islam is much deeper. What have you done  for humanity? What have you done for science and knowledge? What kind of  activism have you participated in? What injustice have you opposed or prevented?  What have you done to raise awareness about the plight of innocents around the  world? What voluntary work have you done? What have you done for your community  or for your neighbourhood?

Your role in Islam extends far beyond your duty towards your family and  friends. You have a responsibility towards the progress and advancement of  humanity. You have a duty to stand up for justice against Muslim and non Muslim  oppressors. You have a duty to spread goodness and solidarity to all people of  conscience, whether Muslim or non Muslim. You have a duty to enjoin good and  oppose evil in every field of life.

You may really want to work for Allah, supporting justice and humanity, but  don’t know how to. You have to take the initiative and discover your talents and  find the appropriate channels that will help you work in the most effective way  for the cause. Just don’t sit and wait and be a bystander. Get involved.

مَن جَاء بِالْحَسَنَةِ فَلَهُ عَشْرُ أَمْثَالِهَا وَمَن جَاء بِالسَّيِّئَةِ  فَلاَ يُجْزَى إِلاَّ مِثْلَهَا وَهُمْ لاَ يُظْلَمُونَ
Quran 6:160: ‘He that  doeth good shall have ten times as much to his credit: He that doeth evil shall  only be recompensed according to his evil: no wrong shall be done unto (any of)  them.’

وَالَّذِينَ صَبَرُواْ ابْتِغَاء وَجْهِ رَبِّهِمْ وَأَقَامُواْ الصَّلاَةَ  وَأَنفَقُواْ مِمَّا رَزَقْنَاهُمْ سِرًّا وَعَلاَنِيَةً وَيَدْرَؤُونَ  بِالْحَسَنَةِ السَّيِّئَةَ أُوْلَئِكَ لَهُمْ عُقْبَى الدَّارِ
Quran 13:22:  ‘Those who patiently persevere, seeking the countenance of their Lord; Establish  regular prayers; spend, out of (the gifts) We have bestowed for their  sustenance, secretly and openly; and turn off Evil with good: for such there is  the final attainment of the (eternal) home’

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