Dr Moussa Ibrahim says The war is not over yet speaks live from Libya 25/08/11

Tweets by @laylaanwar:

M.Ibrahin in speech 25.8. says that they (NATO +rebels) want to destroy ALL of #Libya’s infrastructure so they can rob and reconstruct again

M.Ibrahim: we have guarantees from the various tribes in #Libya that they will never allow the occupation of #Libya and will fight to death

M.Ibrahim: we also found several armed gangs, foreign ones in different parts of #Tripoli. These are all volunteers fighting in #Tripoli

M.Ibrahim: we lost some of our good men, and up till 12pm 65 rebels were killed, I am sorry about Libyan blood. It saddens me most.

M.Ibrahim : I wish those Libyans died as martyrs fighting in Gaza or Iraq, but not in Tripoli. we had to refuse the colonization
of #Libya

M.Ibrahim: We have to fight the crusaders not for power, not for money but for dignity and honor. #Libya

M.Ibrahim : We have to liberate #Tripoli, these rebels are not real fighters, & rebel commanders & logistic communications between them cut

M.Ibrahim: addressing Libyans: if you do not save #Tripoli, you will end up like the #Iraqis today nostalgic for their city.

He says be patient, we know that propaganda is strong, Al Rai is an Iraqi channel by the way interviewing

M.Ibrahim – even if NATO and its apaches bomb us, we will NEVER let go of #Tripoli, we will protect all civilians but we will turn #Tripoli into a death hole for the Crusaders NATO. They have been fighting us for 5 months and they will never defeat us.

M.Ibrahim: They the crusaders will not find a safe place to rest, sit, we will NEVER allow them to take over #Libya. We are willing to die one by one, men and women all volunteers, I myself I have volunteered my life for #Libya and am willing to die for it.

Allah is with us. We have roots that will conquer them all, and bring #Libya to sovereignty & will defeat Colonialism.

(uruknet.de / 25.08.2011)

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