China to recognize a Palestinian state

The Chinese Middle East envoy to the peace process, Wu Sike, transferred on Wednesday a message from the Chinese leadership confirming China’s full support for the Palestinian UN bid in a meeting with Presidential General Secretary, Tayyeb Abdul Rahim, in the presidential headquarters in Ramallah. He also added that the Chinese leadership and people are closely following the Palestinians’ efforts in their preparation for going to the UN, confirming his countries support, now and always for the Palestinian people and their just cause.

He confirmed that the Palestinian step does not contradict with the peace process and the resumption of the negotiations, stressing that establishing a just peace is represented in ending the occupation and establishing an independent Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Wu Sike said that the Palestinian quest will make the UN uphold its responsibility towards the Palestinian peoples’ legal rights, adding that this visit is to show the Chinese leaderships’ concern with the Palestinian situation, in addition to its great interest in the situation in the Middle East.

On his part, Abdul Rahim explained the political situation, regarding the Palestinian- Israeli path, which directed the Palestinian efforts towards the determination to go to the United Nations (UN) to gain full membership and recognition of Palestinian state.

He said that the Israeli policy refuses going back to the negotiations within a clear political reference and specific timeline, which has given the Palestinians no other choice but to refer to the International Quartet to go back to the negotiations according to the international references.

He said that the Quartet Committee failure to restore things to normal led the Palestinian leadership and the Arab countries in the Follow-Up Committee meeting on August 3, 2011, to firmly address the UN, supported by the stance of a lot of the worlds’ countries, the same stance which was confirmed by the Arab Follow-Up Committee in Doha, where they approved again to go to the UN to seek the Palestinians’ state full membership and recognition.

He called on all the parties, especially the United States to support the peace process, by standing by the Palestinians’ legal and just demand, which will be based on the  international legal resolutions and to be carried out by negotiations.

( / 25.08.2011)

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