Palestine / Gaza 24.08.2011

#Gaza is under attack, want to know why? Get the facts here

#Gaza has just buried it’s dead of this morning, now Israel attacks again | When will the world #ACT against THIS?

2 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field near Ofakim on Wednesday. no injuries #Gaza 3 killed 2day – so far #Pray4Gaza

A Lethal Contract.  Killing in Our Name [countercurrents] Stop the #US funded #Israeli attacks on #Gaza

3 Martyred today by Israel violating the truce: #Gaza Occupation 2011

Tunnels Map? Al Shorouk newspaper of Egypt: Egyptian troops are getting ready to destroy Gaza tunnels

Name of Shaheed: Ismail Amom, 65 yr old from Gaza,his body found badly disfigured

Farmer: Settlers uproot trees in Beit Ummar

63-year-old Palestinian found dead following raids

Canadian media workers resolve to “promote divestment & disinvestment from Israel by international media institutions”

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Mistreatment of Palestinian Journalists

#BDS victory: Canadian radio broadcasters join #BDS movement, refuse to cooperate w/Israeli media institutions

i just heard a series of loud explosions in #Gaza– about 5 or 6 while we were breaking our fast….. :S

#Gaza Pays the Price… Again | Common Dreams

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