Palestine / Gaza 24.08.2011 III

Million-man  March planned on Israeli Embassy in Cairo –

Today #GAZA | 3 Killed + 1 died to injuries sustained in earlier attack

Israeli air strikes in Gaza again tonight, 1 killed, 3 injured far as the bombing continues.

Israel knows no ceasefire, like it knows no peace. One Palestinian man killed, 6 others injured moments ago in #Gaza. via @Selintellect #BDS

2 years old! israels war on terror-collateral damage or murder? #Gaza  via @Qpalestine #Palestine #HumanRights?

Death of Mohamed Atia Maqat “20 years” and another wounded as plane that targeted some citizens in tunnel st. in #Gaza

Mohamad Attiah Moqat the name of the martyr from the Israeli drone attack in Nafaq st. #Gaza via @WillOuda

Update: Medics) : Attiah Moqat.

Breaking News: Israeli air force killed 1 |Palestinian in Gaza, 6 are wounded despite ceasefire.

One Palestinian has been killed and other three reported in middle of Gaza city due to Israeli drone-fire attack toward group of civilians

One Israel tank missile hit east of Gaza city, tension in Gaza now

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