Palastine / GAza 24.08.2011 IV

hear a voice of two explosions in #GAZA right now

Another homemade rocket fired from north #Gaza #now and it is not a Grad! the Grad sounds way louder! #Israel #breaking

israeli gunboats shoot at the fishermen in the middle of the sea by Rafah. no injuries reported

Mohammed Omer: Israeli air strike just killed 1 Gazan, 1 injured. Since truce announced on Sunday total of 3 killed, 4 injured in Gaza

HUUGE explosion in #Gaza :S shook the house!

an explosion just heard  in north of #Gaza #Now

Breaking Report of arrests and confrontations in #Silwan

with Israeli warplanes in the skies, just now a homemade rocket was fired from #Gaza! no second explosion meaning it wasn’t intercepted!

Palestinians are hitting back at Israel in act of self-defense as the former raided on Gaza 5 times in 24hrs leaving 3 dead and 9 injured.

In the past 30 minutes, several loud explosions have rocked several areas in Gaza. Israeli war planes are still in the sky.

A number of injured incl. israeli child – Show Empathy with #Gaza #Pray4Gaza #ProtectGaza  know the pain all too well!! #Stop #ISRAEL

even you are in #Gaza Always trust you deserve to live the life you want

Breaking Israel targeting fishing boats off the coast of #Gaza #Pray4Gaza #Rafah  (Safa)

BREAKING: a huge explosion rocks the occupied city of #Khudaira. #israel

BREAKING: resistance successfully launches two rockets are Kerem Shalom border

@danmike1 i don’t know what’s wrong with media, do they sit all with a knife on their throats or what the hell is going on!?

Explosions heard in #Gaza by @Jess_Gaza @imNadZ

Breaking News: Sources:  240 Palestinian children in Gaza are hit with Trauma and fear due to the massive Israeli bombings in east of Gaza.

Breaking News: Two Palestinians killed in eastern Gaza as Israel attacks despite the ceasefire.

Canadian radio programmers advocate for “comprehensive #boycott of Israeli media institutions at nat’l & int’l levels”

Two more injured in a new raid #Now #GAZA #Pray4Gaza

There are many injures in last explosion in the east of #GAZA


8 Persons, Including 2 Children and 3 Women, Wounded Due to Explosions of Home-Made Rockets in Populated Areas in #Gaza

Maan News Agency: Rights group: Rockets injure Palestinians in Gaza

Use your intelligence! #Gaza under attack again – Do you think all palestinians are terrorists who always attacks 1st israel? –  #Pray4Gaza

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