Is Gaza on its way to another ethnic cleansing war?

After more than three days of the attack on Eilat, which According to the Israeli reports, 9 people were killed, including soldiers in the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). We do not know who are the people who carried out the attack so far! Have we seen their bodies? Do we know their names? Has any Palestinian group declared its responsibility for the attack? Why the Israeli government escalates against the unarmed civilians of the Gaza Strip in the current time exactly?

During the last few weeks at the height of internal demonstrations in the Israeli cities of which call for social justice, recovery from economic problems and improving the living conditions of the middle class people, many of the political commentators and analysts wrote at major Israeli newspapers, that Netanyahu government struggles for its last days and we witness the countdown of its fall, and expecting early elections would be the inevitable result of the unprecedented internal unrest, and therefore, the only solution for Netanyahu government to ease the anger of the street’s uprising or rather to divert the attention from the main issue of his government’s internal crisis by intensification of the security situation, either in Gaza or south Lebanon, especially after the failure of economic solutions and new laws and Netanyahu’s promises in dissuading the protesters from their demands.

From the first moment, the crisis’ spark has started with the housing crisis, Netanyahu has tried to intimidate his citizens by showing “the horrible face of Hamas and Gaza rockets” and then Israeli security services has been talking about the danger of Al Qaeda in Sinai; by creating the atmosphere and conditions for the upcoming escalation. Netanyahu and the Israeli media machine continue their threats that the time is not suitable for these rallies and this inner anger.

But his call found deaf ears and with the increasing protests, the risk threatens the stability of his government. Therefore, it was his best choice to get out of this crisis that he had to be going to the security escalation as a hot front in Gaza—the weakest point—the attack of Eilat came, an unknown group who carried it out, to give a free gift to Netanyahu’s government to justify what he was looking for, and he started hitting civilian targets and bloody brutality that we used to it, Palestinian death toll in the past 3 days by Israeli missiles; more than 16 killed, 52 injured including women, a pregnant woman and children. To sum up what happened during the past 3 days, can be stated on the following:

1- We have no details about the attack of Eilat, and the only available reports are through the Israeli media and the military’s story, it seems very clear from the first moment of confusion of spreading out news, they said that the attackers came from Gaza and then another said they were from Egypt and then Jordan or from the West Bank, but all that losing the credibility of the Israeli reports about the attack.

2- No one from the Palestinian or the Arab side took responsibility for Eilat attack, while the Israeli media did not show any footage of the attackers or their names, are they Palestinians? Is there any group or organisation outside of Palestine more benefiting from this attack?

3- Targeting the Egyptian soldiers was not random and accidental, and the Israel army is aware of their whereabouts and there is ongoing coordination between the two army leaderships, as the Israeli army wants to say that any complicity from the Egyptian side will not pass unnoticed.

4- What is happening right now in Gaza is a slow ethnic cleansing taking place before the eyes of a very indifferent world and the silence of the international community which came after Gaza has been under the hermetic siege for 1530 days.

5- The siege of Gaza and the continued illegal collective punishment of its residents by Israel has resulted in soaring food prices. Many foodstuffs, medicines and other goods, such as construction materials are no longer available. There are zero stocks available for 91 drugs. Hospitals are reporting zero stock availability of pediatric drugs, antibiotics, as chronic disease drugs, cancer treatment drugs, a range of kidney dialysis drugs and IV glucose solution. In addition, there are also shortages of kidney dialysis machine equipment. There is an increase in diarrhea amongst children and the possibility of outbreaks of typhoid and hepatitis if the blockade is not lifted. And the closure of the border crossing has resulted in [the dealths of] dozens of Palestinians in urgent need of medical treatment; including some terminally ill cancer patients [who] were refused entry to Israel or Egypt by the Shin Bet [Israel’s intelligence agency].

It is more than a shame – it is criminal how the world remains unmoved to change this miserable life that Gazan people live.

By Ramzi Abuabdou

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