Israel attacked, again – Palestine claims they are the victim, are they?

Over the weekend, The  Temple, Atlanta’s “oldest and most progressive synagogue,” according to a  Newsweek article, was holding worship services as usual on Saturday morning. But  fellow Jews back home in Israel were once again battling for their lives in  attacks that began on Thursday by Palestinian militants.

Israel and Palestine have been at odds with one another for decades, so the  latest bombings bring little surprise to the rest of the observing world, for  the most part. The two warring factions’ continued conflict — based upon the  Palestinian people wanting their land back — continues to be the  dividing factor that prompted the Hamas-controlled Palestinian area to attack  Israel, unprovoked, yet again on Thursday.

As Jews in Georgia and the rest of the United States pray for their brethern  back home in the Holy Land, some of their stateside Christian brethren are  taking steps never seen before; Some Israelis are worshiping together with Arabs and they’re  doing it in Georgia.

As Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs continue to fight one another in the  Middle East, their Christian counterparts in the United States have long since  laid down arms and found the way to a peaceful coexistence. But can their Middle  Eastern counterparts do the same?

Jerusaleum and the Gaza Strip: Whose land is it?

No matter which side of the ideological fence you straddle in the Middle East  issue — for or against Israel or Palestine — historical facts support that the  Jews occupied Jerusaleum and surrounding areas long before the Palestinian  people came into existence.

In fact, recent archeological discoveries — including that of a menorah dating 66 AD (a Jewish candle holder used in their  worship ceremony) — was recently discovered in the Holy Land, further  substantiating their claim to the land they live upon.

This, along with so much other historical data and discoveries, essentially  makes the Palestinian’s argument for getting their land back from  Israel a demand built on an erroneous foundation for which they have no  legitimate claim. But that doesn’t stop the continued unprovoked attacks against  Israel, obviously, as we saw last Thursday, when innocent Israelis were killed  by rocket fire.

Palestine says they are the victims

According to Naples News, however, it is the Palestinian people who feel they  are the victim in the battle against Israel, despite their willingness to  provoke their enemy without cause, as they did last week. The Palestinians want control of Israel and Palestine and to  make both locations into one nation state, wiping Israel literally and  figuratively off the world map. No peaceful coexistence for them, they say.

As Palestine seeks to become officially recognized by the United Nations as a  State next month, it appears they have bought into the erroneous mindset that  attacking Israel is the way to garner national recognition and sympathy for  their cause. They think Israel must lose for them to win, hence the unprovoked  attack by Palestinian militants last week on innocent Israeli civilians.

But Palestine has now brought Egypt into their conflict with Israel, seeking  to diminish Israel’s relationship with one of its few Middle East allies now  that Hosni Mubarak is no longer in power.

Egypt brought into the battle

Israel and Egypt have long enjoyed a peaceful relationship since before Hosni  Mubarak came into power, actually. But that changed when the Muslim Brotherhood took over a dominating role in Egypt. The  Brotherhood is essentially the bedrock of the Hamas terrorist organization  currently controlling Gaza, where the conflict between Israel and Palestine  keeps growing.

The border security between the two countries of Israel and Egypt suffered  during the change of Egypt’s leadership, leading eventually to the ability of  Hamas and other militant terrorist organization in the Middle East and Gaza area  to get rocket weapons closer to Israel’s Beersheba, where Thursday’s attacks  took place.

As Israel defended herself and her citizens against the unprovoked Palestinan  attack, Egyptian soldiers were caught in the crossfire, with three  mortally wounded, according to CNN.

Egypt demands apology

Rather than Palestine apologizing or being taken to task worldwide for their  unprovoked attacks on Israel — and the subsequent loss of life to Egyptian  soldiers as a result — it was Israel that the new Egyptian leadership demanded  an apology of last week.

Israel, regretting the death of soldiers of one of their few allies in the  Middle East, was quick to give one despite the fact that soldier death is  sometimes a casualty of war, especially in a war with militants like those who  were attacking them.

But now, CNN reports that Egypt says an apology is not enough. And as of Monday  morning, arms that were supposedly laid down in a truce by Palestine on Sunday  have now been taken up again against Israel.

Will Israel and Palestine ever find the peace enjoyed by the Christian  Israelis and Arabs witnessed recently in Georgia in Roswell? If you asked the  editor of the Christian Index, Dr. Gerald Harris, you would get this response,  “Anything is possible with Christ.”

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One thought on “Israel attacked, again – Palestine claims they are the victim, are they?

  1. Fellow decent civilised citizens of the world, if this wasn’t such a sensitive and explosive issue I would have never considered responding to such twaddle. But respond I must otherwise lies, myths and falsehoods will continue to be published unchallenged.
    The above article is beneath contempt. First it is written by an illiterate person in language designed to inflame, alienate and perpetuate the myth that humble little Israel is the victim in all of this.

    Israel is the fourth largest army in the world.
    Israel develops, manufactures and exports the technology of war all over the world.
    Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East.
    Israel has the possibility to destroy the entire area if it entertained such an idea.
    Israel is bombing, killing and abusing the human rights of the Palestinians under their occupation on a daily basis
    Does this sound like a victim to you?

    The Zionists say that we, the Palestinians, have no historical right to Palestine. This was the cry of the founders of Zionism in the 19th century. ‘a land without people for a people without land’. I should not dignify this blatant lie with a comment other than to say the population of Palestine in the 19th century was 95% Arabs and 5% Jews. After the Balfour Declaration of 1917 the Jewish Population increased to about 15% of the population. Need I say more?

    This deluded writer, if we can call him/her that, believes that the discovery of a menorah proves his or her point. Yet another naked lie. The Zionist occupiers of Palestine have invested enormous amounts and employed a huge number of archaeologists to come up with even the smallest piece of pottery to link them to Palestine. They have failed. There is nothing to connect the Zionists to Palestine other than an absurd notion of biblical entitlement which they believe gives them the right to practice ethnic cleansing by brute force
    We the Palestinians have tried on many occasions to extend the hand of peace to the Israelis to no avail. Just look at the Oslo Accord, which we signed with Israel in 1993, and please, decent human beings around the globe, please point out one piece of evidence that Israel has fulfilled even one of its obligations according to this treaty.

    Furthermore, could you please cast your minds back to the time when Israel was create and tell me how many UN Resolutions has Israel ignored. Tell me how many rules of International law has Israel flouted and broken. Are these the signs of people seeking peace? Of course not. Israel does not seek peace, Israel actively seeks war because it profits from war.

    As to dragging Egypt into the equation, the Palestinians had no hand in killing or wounding those Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai. The Israeli Defence Force was responsible for those killings. Egypt is going through a new phase of its long history and existence. If they are to examine the one-sided treaty that was signed by Sadat’s Egypt and Begin’s Israel it is surely a matter for the Egyptian people. As to bringing the Moslem Brotherhood into play this is complete falsehood and fabrication.

    The question of whether we will ever enjoy peace in Palestine I will leave this, my fellow human beings, for you to judge. Read the above article and make up your minds. Is this a call for peace or simplistic, cynical propaganda designed to turn the truth upside down?

    Finally, as Voltaire once said, ‘those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.’ France 1694 – 1778.

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