Israel attacked, again – Palestine claims they are the victim, are they?

Over the weekend, The  Temple, Atlanta’s “oldest and most progressive synagogue,” according to a  Newsweek article, was holding worship services as usual on Saturday morning. But  fellow Jews back home in Israel were once again battling for their lives in  attacks that began on Thursday by Palestinian militants.

Israel and Palestine have been at odds with one another for decades, so the  latest bombings bring little surprise to the rest of the observing world, for  the most part. The two warring factions’ continued conflict — based upon the  Palestinian people wanting their land back — continues to be the  dividing factor that prompted the Hamas-controlled Palestinian area to attack  Israel, unprovoked, yet again on Thursday.

As Jews in Georgia and the rest of the United States pray for their brethern  back home in the Holy Land, some of their stateside Christian brethren are  taking steps never seen before; Some Israelis are worshiping together with Arabs and they’re  doing it in Georgia.

As Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs continue to fight one another in the  Middle East, their Christian counterparts in the United States have long since  laid down arms and found the way to a peaceful coexistence. But can their Middle  Eastern counterparts do the same?

Jerusaleum and the Gaza Strip: Whose land is it?

No matter which side of the ideological fence you straddle in the Middle East  issue — for or against Israel or Palestine — historical facts support that the  Jews occupied Jerusaleum and surrounding areas long before the Palestinian  people came into existence.

In fact, recent archeological discoveries — including that of a menorah dating 66 AD (a Jewish candle holder used in their  worship ceremony) — was recently discovered in the Holy Land, further  substantiating their claim to the land they live upon.

This, along with so much other historical data and discoveries, essentially  makes the Palestinian’s argument for getting their land back from  Israel a demand built on an erroneous foundation for which they have no  legitimate claim. But that doesn’t stop the continued unprovoked attacks against  Israel, obviously, as we saw last Thursday, when innocent Israelis were killed  by rocket fire.

Palestine says they are the victims

According to Naples News, however, it is the Palestinian people who feel they  are the victim in the battle against Israel, despite their willingness to  provoke their enemy without cause, as they did last week. The Palestinians want control of Israel and Palestine and to  make both locations into one nation state, wiping Israel literally and  figuratively off the world map. No peaceful coexistence for them, they say.

As Palestine seeks to become officially recognized by the United Nations as a  State next month, it appears they have bought into the erroneous mindset that  attacking Israel is the way to garner national recognition and sympathy for  their cause. They think Israel must lose for them to win, hence the unprovoked  attack by Palestinian militants last week on innocent Israeli civilians.

But Palestine has now brought Egypt into their conflict with Israel, seeking  to diminish Israel’s relationship with one of its few Middle East allies now  that Hosni Mubarak is no longer in power.

Egypt brought into the battle

Israel and Egypt have long enjoyed a peaceful relationship since before Hosni  Mubarak came into power, actually. But that changed when the Muslim Brotherhood took over a dominating role in Egypt. The  Brotherhood is essentially the bedrock of the Hamas terrorist organization  currently controlling Gaza, where the conflict between Israel and Palestine  keeps growing.

The border security between the two countries of Israel and Egypt suffered  during the change of Egypt’s leadership, leading eventually to the ability of  Hamas and other militant terrorist organization in the Middle East and Gaza area  to get rocket weapons closer to Israel’s Beersheba, where Thursday’s attacks  took place.

As Israel defended herself and her citizens against the unprovoked Palestinan  attack, Egyptian soldiers were caught in the crossfire, with three  mortally wounded, according to CNN.

Egypt demands apology

Rather than Palestine apologizing or being taken to task worldwide for their  unprovoked attacks on Israel — and the subsequent loss of life to Egyptian  soldiers as a result — it was Israel that the new Egyptian leadership demanded  an apology of last week.

Israel, regretting the death of soldiers of one of their few allies in the  Middle East, was quick to give one despite the fact that soldier death is  sometimes a casualty of war, especially in a war with militants like those who  were attacking them.

But now, CNN reports that Egypt says an apology is not enough. And as of Monday  morning, arms that were supposedly laid down in a truce by Palestine on Sunday  have now been taken up again against Israel.

Will Israel and Palestine ever find the peace enjoyed by the Christian  Israelis and Arabs witnessed recently in Georgia in Roswell? If you asked the  editor of the Christian Index, Dr. Gerald Harris, you would get this response,  “Anything is possible with Christ.”

( / 22.08.2011)

Rebellen vechten in Tripoli; klopjacht op Kaddafi

Er is een ware klopjacht gaande in Libië op Muammar Kaddafi. Volgens het Pentagon zou hij zich nog in het Noord-Afrikaanse land bevinden, maar het is op dit moment onduidelijk of hij nog in zijn commandocentrum in de hoofdstad Tripoli zit.

Volgens ooggetuigen zouden pantserwagens zijn vertrokken uit een deel van het complex dat de familie Kaddafi benut. Sommige waarnemers vermoeden dat hij naar het zuiden van het land is gevlucht om daar de strijd tegen de rebellen voort te zetten.

De opstandelingen hebben grote delen van Tripoli veroverd op Kaddafi’s troepen. De gevechten gaan door. De circa 30 aanwezige buitenlandse journalisten zitten vast in het door Kaddafi’s troepen bewaakte Rixos hotel, waar de water- en stroomtoevoer is uitgevallen.

President Barack Obama zei in een toespraak dat het duidelijk is dat het tijdperk van Kaddafi in Libië ten einde loopt, maar dat de strijd nog niet voorbij is. Hij riep Kaddafi opnieuw op zijn nederlaag te erkennen en op te stappen.

Ondertussen wordt achter de schermen onderhandeld over een mogelijke aftocht van Kaddafi na 42 jaar. Zuid-Afrika heeft ontkend Kaddafi te hulp te schieten bij een eventueel vertrek, maar Zuid-Afrikaanse regeringsbronnen lekten in Britse media dat in Tunesië een vliegtuig stand-by staat om de 69-jarige leider te vervoeren. Venezuela en Cuba zouden mogelijke bestemmingen zijn als Kaddafi besluit Libië te ontvluchten. De Venezolaanse leider Huga Chávez heeft de NAVO-operaties in Libië veroordeeld als een poging om controle te krijgen over de Libische oliebronnen.

De Vredes- en Veiligheidsraad van de Afrikaanse Unie (AU) zou in spoedzitting bijeenkomen in de Ethiopische hoofdstad Addis Abeba, maar verschoof de bijeenkomst naar vrijdag.

Volgens de Zuid-Afrikaanse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, Mate Nkoana-Mashabane, moeten de Libiërs zelf bepalen hoe ze de toekomst van hun land zien. Maar ‘als de bezoekers vertrekken, blijven de Afrikanen die een Afrikaans probleem moeten oplossen: het opbouwen van een land in hun eigen regio’. De ‘routekaart naar vrede’ van de AU, die Kaddafi eerder accepteerde maar die door de rebellen werd verworpen, blijft daarom relevant, zei ze.

De leiders van de Libische opstandelingen hebben echter een eigen ‘routekaart naar democratie’ opgesteld.

( / 22.08.2011)

Gaza militants agree to halt fire on Israel

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories (AFP) – Gaza’s Popular Resistance Committees
on Monday agreed to halt rocket fire on Israel and abide by an Egyptian-brokered
truce after four days of deadly clashes.

At a news conference in Gaza
City, the PRC said its militants would respect a “temporary” ceasefire which was
announced late on Sunday by Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

“We have temporarily
stopped firing rockets at Israel according to the national consensus,” said a
masked spokesman for the group, which was blamed by Israel for a series of
bloody attacks near Eilat last week that killed eight Israelis and sparked the
latest round of bloodshed.

But the PRC, whose leader was killed in a
series of Israeli air strikes late last week, said talk of a more permanent
truce was “out of the question. We have an open account with the enemy until it
leaves Palestinian soil.”

The announcement came just hours after a senior
Hamas official told AFP that the factions had hammered out a truce agreement in
talks with Egyptian officials, which would be contingent on Israel stopping its
air strikes on Gaza.

“We have reached an informal agreement to establish
a ceasefire from tonight on condition that Israel halts its attacks,” he told

In a formal announcement on Monday, Hamas spokesman Taher al-Nunu
thanked both Egypt and UN envoy Robert Serry for helping “to stop the aggression
against Gaza.”

“An agreement about a mutual truce was reached and we
affirm that the Israeli occupation must commit to this truce because the
factions told the government they are committed to it for as long as the
occupation is,” he said.

On Sunday night, the Hamas-run security forces
were “instructed to stop the shooting” against Israel, with police checking cars
in the border area, and checkpoints set up at the entrance to every town in

Israel police said seven rockets were fired from Gaza between
midnight and 8:00 am (2100-0500 GMT), but nothing after that.

15-member security cabinet was reportedly called to an emergency meeting at 3:00
am (0000 GMT), army radio said, at which the military’s top brass presented
various options for stopping the rocket fire.

But after an hour of
discussion, ministers decided against a ground operation for fear it “could
trigger mass demonstrations in Egypt which could destabilise the regime in
Cairo” and also harm Israeli interests in September when the Palestinian are
planning to seek UN membership, the radio said.

Efforts to end the
fighting in and around Gaza came as Israel sought to head off a diplomatic
crisis with Egypt sparked by Thursday’s attacks near Eilat, with Cairo saying
five policemen had been killed by Israeli fire during the hunt for gunmen along
the border.

Two days later, Egypt’s state television said Cairo was going
to recall its envoy from Israel in protest.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud
Barak expressed “regret” over the deaths and promised an investigation, but
Egypt said it wasn’t enough, although it made no move to confirm reports it
would recall its envoy.

The looming spectre of a crisis with Egypt played
a concrete role in bringing about an end to the Gaza confrontations, Israeli
press reports said.

“As early as Saturday morning, in an effort to avoid
worsening relations with Egypt following Thursday’s terror attack, the
government ordered the IDF to greatly reduce its attacks on terrorist targets in
the Gaza Strip,” Haaretz said.

“We must not lose Egypt because of one
terror attack,” a senior defence official told the paper. “If the attack near
Eilat harms our relations with Egypt, that will be a great victory for the
terror organisations.”

Tensions in and around Gaza kicked off after the
Negev desert shooting attacks with Israel launching a wave of retaliatory air
strikes against the Popular Resistance Committees, killing its leader and
several other of its senior militants.

In the following days, Israeli air
strikes killed 15 Palestinians, nine of them militants, while more than 50
people were wounded.

Over the same period, militants fired more than 100
rockets and mortars at Israeli towns and cities in the south, killing one man
and injuring more than 20, one critically.

( / 22.08.2011)

‘Assad heeft zich niet aan zijn belofte gehouden’

De Syrische president Bashar Assad heeft zich niet aan zijn belofte gehouden om alle militaire operaties tegen de betogers in zijn land te staken. Dat heeft secretaris-generaal van de Verenigde Naties Ban Ki-moon vandaag gezegd.

Volgens Ban verzekerde Assad hem vorige week woensdag per telefoon dat alle operaties van het leger en de veiligheidsdiensten tegen de demonstranten in Syrië zouden worden gestaakt. ‘Het is verontrustend dat hij zich niet aan zijn belofte heeft gehouden’, aldus Ban.

Ban zei tevens dat veel regeringsleiders Assad hebben opgeroepen het geweld in Syrië een halt toe te roepen. ‘Ik hoop dat Assad die oproep ter harte neemt.’

( / 22.08.2011)

Media disinformation and propaganda

New York Times: Lying about Libya and Palestine – by Stephen Lendman
Note: A follow-up article will continue the narrative below. Currently, events in Tripoli are fluid.

Progressive Radio News Hour contributor Mahdi Nazemroaya’s overnight email said:

“NATO landed insurgents in (Tripoli) harbor. They are attacking my hotel. I  almost got shot. They’re still lying a lot (about claims of controlling the capital), but we are in real danger.”

He’s saying that armed guerrilla gangs, mercenaries, indistinguishable from (also armed) Tripoli residents, are waging street warfare.

Russia Today reported about 1,300 deaths. No one knows for sure. However, events are fast-moving and chaotic.

On Russia Today, Nazemroaya also said heavy looting occurred, including insurgents breaking into hotel rooms and ransacking them. In addition, he said  NATO WANTS A BLOODBATH.

In fact, they’re getting one, exacerbated by intense terror bombing, deliberately targeting civilians.

“Myself, the Press TV journalist (Lizzie Phelan), three French nationals, the Cuban and Telesur journalists are in danger.”

“One of my French colleagues was told: ‘You are going to suffer the consequences of your actions for opposing the NATO war.”

Sunday, on Russia Today, Nazemroaya said he was told that CNN said he personally would pay for opposing the war.


What’s ongoing in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine, as well as throughout North Africa/the Middle East/Central Asia is part of a COUP D’ETAT AGAINST FREEDOM – PLANNED, ORCHESTRATED AND DIRECTED FROM WASHINGTON.

Below covers the situation through Sunday PM. The narrative aims directly at shameless New York Times propaganda.

Rather than not send out because new events alter the picture I present, I believe it’s nonetheless important to do so because:

(1) The New York Times, CNN and rest of the major media are part of Washington/NATO’s war against freedom.

(2) They publish or broadcast falsified pro-war reports.

(3) They shamelessly support crimes of war and against humanity.

(4) On the ground “reporters” have provided NATO with bombing coordinates.

As a result, at the risk of inaccuracies because of subsequent events, the original article written Sunday begins as follows:

There they go again. Another day, more lies, shameless ones. Their correspondents prostitute themselves daily, making street whores, pimps, and dope peddlers look respectable in comparison.

On August 19, David Kirkpatrick headlined, “Qaddafi’s Hold in Tripoli in Doubt as Rebels Advance,” saying:

Gaddafi’s “hold on his Tripoli stronghold shows signs of slipping….Residents (believe his) flight or ouster could be imminent. Three people said the feeling of fear was ebbing in the streets,” suggesting it’s because they think he’ll soon be gone in contrast to the vast majority of supportive Tripoli residents, besides 85% of Libyans overall.

According to Kirkpatrick, “(w)ith unexpected swiftness, the ill-trained and ill-equiped rebels….overtook Zawiyah with its enormous oil refinery, just 30 miles west of Tripoli.”

He quoted an unnamed US official saying, “Qaddafi might not know what he’s going to do from one day to the next.”

The article discussed other advances, existing solely in the mind of the Pentagon propagandist and unnamed US official who fed Kirkpatrick this rubbish he published.

On August 20, Kareem Fahim and Kirkpatrick headlined, “Heavy Fighting Reported in Tripoli; Rebels Encircle City,” saying:

“For the first time in months, witnesses in Tripoli reported heavy fighting across the capital late Saturday night, even as rebel forces claimed to have encircled the city by taking major towns to its east, west and south.”

According to “rebel leader” Anwar Fekini, “We are coordinating the attacks inside, and our forces from outside are ready to enter Tripoli.”

On August 21, Kareem Fahim headlined, “Libyan Rebels Pass Defense Ring Near Tripoli,” saying:

“Libyan rebels advanced to within 10 miles of Tripoli on Sunday, pushing past the city’s outer defense lines and vowing to combine forces with insurgents who have waged intense battles inside the city,” Gaddafi’s “final stronghold.”

As previous articles stressed, these reports read more like bad fiction than true accounts of conditions on the ground, exposing lies about alleged rebel victories.

Stratfor Global Intelligence (SGI) offered a mixed analysis, discounting notions of Gaddafi’s imminent collapse, while nonsensically suggesting nonexistent rebel “advanc(es) toward Tripoli,” indicating they “may be beginning an attempt to lay siege on the Libyan capital” and claim victory.

At the same time, SGI admits a “rebel disinformation campaign….in full swing….designed to trigger an uprising from within the capital to facilitate the rebel invasion….A lot of loose talk (about) a lot of explosions in Tripoli can be expected in the meantime.”

In fact, Stratfor tried having it both ways, claiming rebel victories based on “disinformation,” then exposing them as lies.

A Reality Check

On August 20, Progressive Radio News contributor Mahdi Nazemroaya’s Global article headlined, “Rebel Advances on Tripoli is Media Disinformation,” saying:

Rebel disinformation claims “(h)eavy gunfire and explosions” in Tripoli. By the end of August, they say a final battle to take the city could begin. Other falsified reports indicate fighting in several city neighborhoods, including Tajoura, Soug Jomaa and Arada.

In fact, besides ongoing NATO bombing, “gunfire in the Libyan capital is sporadic and disorganized.” Its main purpose “is to break down the morale here and cause panic.”

“The media here at the hotel where I am staying have been part of this disinformation campaign. They just want to feed the panic here and want the regime to collapse. They are fueling and feeding this psychological war against this country.”

At the same time, Libyans overwhelmingly support Gaddafi, determined to resist efforts to oust him. New York Times and other media sources, however, never report it. Instead, they lie, doing it shamelessly and badly.

Appearing August 20 on Russia Today (, Nazemroaya confirmed sporadic gunfire only, adding:

“It’s not organized, and it’s meant only to break down the morale” of Tripoli residents “and cause panic….In fact, the (major) media” are a key part of the disinformation campaign.

“They’re talking about airlifts. (They’re) saying migratory workers want to flee Tripoli. That’s not true at all. They just want to (create) panic and make the regime collapse….They want Tripoli to be in panic. That’s their whole aim,” also spreading other lies “to cause trauma, (and) that’s the truth.”

“It’s NATO that’s doing all the fighting” with relentless daily bombing, mostly targeting civilians, “civilian checkpoints that are mostly protected and manned by volunteers,” and civilian infrastructure.

“But when the media say insurgents are moving in, that’s not correct. It’s NATO that’s doing all the hard work here.” Except for scattered elements, rebels won’t “come into Tripoli. The population (is committed) to oppose them,” and well armed by Gaddafi to do it.

“This is a NATO operation,” controlling everything, rebels taking orders from them. Reporters are giving bombing coordinates to NATO, including civilian checkpoints, hospitals, and other nonmilitary targets to terrorize Libyans into submission.

“The media here are part of the war machine.”

Also appearing August 20 on RT, Franklin Lamb said he just returned from traveling all around Tripoli. “There’s no heavy fighting” as falsely reported. “There is sporadic bombing every hour” or so, and some anti-aircraft fire. “It’s clear that the rebels are not here….Now it’s very quiet.” Claiming rebels are there “is nonsense.”

On the same day, independent journalist Lizzie Phelan told RT:

Tripoli gunfire and fireworks now heard is celebratory among Gaddafi supporters, not falsified claims of rebel attacks.

Earlier there were some scattered rebel fighters in the city, perhaps sleeper cells awaiting orders. Libya’s government calls them gangs. “They’ve now been cleared out of the city, captured and arrested.”

“The only explosions (heard are) from NATO bombing and sound bombs to create a sense of panic….Now what we’re hearing happened earlier today is that the rebels (by) their own media, their own channels, including Al Jazeera at the center of the media conspiracy, is that they created some fake footage inside Zawiya, claiming they’re (there) and in Tripoli.”

It was done to create panic. Scattered rebel gangs began firing and threatening people, saying they’d be assassinated if they didn’t join them.

Other “armed Libyans came out to defend their capital.” Control was reestablished. Now people are out because they feel safe again, showing relief with fireworks and celebratory gunfire, ready to resist other rebel attacks if they come.

Gaddafi also spoke live by phone, insisting he’s alive, well, and inside the country. Moreover, “NATO isn’t having any successes on the ground, so (their only recourse) is to fabricate them by (media lies) to convince the Security Council and most people that the war is worthwhile.”

Since the beginning of the conflict, “people have been armed to the teeth,” using weapons Gaddafi supplied. They’re “ready to defend their capital and country, and stand by their leader Muammar Gaddafi.”

They understand the unacceptable alternative. As a result, they’re committed to fight to prevent it.

Phalen’s Sunday report said scattered fighting continues. In other words, rebel pockets claim advances not made, solely for media-spread propaganda purposes to incite panic in Tripoli.

Residents are too smart to buy it. Well-armed and committed, they’re ready to defend their city and country, unwilling to surrender to NATO, rebel cutthroats, and media liars.

Suppressing Information about Israel’s Crimes

On August 20, Times writers Isabel Kershner and Fares Akram headlined, “Casualties on Both Sides as Israel and Gaza Trade Fire,” saying:

“Palestinian militants from Gaza fired rockets at cities deep inside Israeli territory on Saturday, killing one person. And Israel struck a squad that was firing mortars from northern Gaza as violence continued in the wake of an attack on Thursday that killed eight Israelis, Israeli officials said.”

Instead of explaining what’s really ongoing, both writers suggested Palestinians are at fault, responsible for killing Israelis, when, in fact, they had nothing to do with it.

As a result, they implied support for Israel’s right to respond violently, saying nothing about its plan to assassinate Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) leaders, willfully target civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure, and perhaps continue relentless attacks.


To derail Palestinian UN General Assembly efforts for self-determination and de jure member status.

End weeks of nationwide protests for social justice issues Netanyahu won’t address.

Perhaps also prevent a possible Palestinian spring and provide pretext for Cast Lead II.

Both writers, in fact, steered clear of Israeli motives, said little about Palestinian casualties, nothing about years of Gaza under siege, Israel’s planned slow-motion genocide, nor explain extreme human suffering too severe to ignore.

Instead, they changed the subject, covering IDF attacks against “Hamas training facilities, weapons manufacturing sites, smugglers’ tunnels, and rocket and mortar teams preparing to attack,” ending their brief report, saying:

“Some 50 rockets have been fired at Israel since Thursday. (Saturday) evening, a rocket that hit a house in Ofakim wounded three, including an infant and a child.”

Implied was that only Israeli casualties matter, not horrific ones inflicted regularly on Palestinians.

Not only do Times writers lie, they airbrush uncomfortable truths about Washington and Israeli crimes, betraying their readers and profession in the process.

A Final Comment

Judith Miller’s fall from grace taught Times correspondents nothing. Like her, they’re again in full battle mode, scamming their readers by publishing Pentagon press releases, not accurate reports, disgracing themselves in the process.

And if Times reports proliferate lies, imagine what other media sources provide, especially US television news and information. It’s little more than a bottomless profane sinkhole of worthlessness.

Tune it out, avoid it, and prevent a bad aftertaste and self-flagellation.

Instead, stay informed. Spread the truth and act on it responsibly.

( / 22.08.2011)

Gaddafi son allegedly killed, another flees rebel grip

Muammar Gaddafi’s son Khamis may have been killed, Reuters reported, citing Al Jazeera. Another son Mohammed, one of three Gaddafi sons captured by rebels Monday, has allegedly escaped house arrest with the help of loyalist fighters.

Two bodies have been found that could be those of Khamis and Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Abdallah Senussi, Al Jazeera reported, citing unnamed sources.

As for Mohammed Gaddafi, he was captured on Monday night in his home. At the time of the assault on the house, a man identifying himself as Mohammed Gaddafi was giving a telephone interview to Al Jazeera. He claimed on air that his house was being attacked.

Two other sons of Muammar Gaddafi held by the rebels – Saif al-Islam and Saadi – remain in custody.

The International Criminal Court in The   Hague is currently holding talks with the Libyan transitional government about the surrender of Saif al-Islam, a top official in his father’s regime.

The court has arrest warrants for Gaddafi himself, his son Saif and  military intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi. They are wanted “for  crimes against humanity (murder and persecution) allegedly committed  across Libya from 15 February 2011 until at least 28 February 2011,  through the State apparatus and Security Forces.”

The ICC’s  spokesperson, Fadi El-Abdallah, said that as yet they do not have any  clear information on when Saif might be transferred. El-Abdallah added  that this was an important step for international justice in the  interests of the victims in Libya.

The ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, also confirmed that Saif had been detained by “rebel special forces.”

He made it clear there is an obligation to surrender Saif to the ICC in  accordance with Security Council resolution 1970, The Hague Justice  Portal reports.

The third son captured was  Saadi Gaddafi, a businessman and one-time professional soccer player.  He and Saif al-Islam had been detained by opposition forces prior to  Mohammed’s arrest, say rebel leaders.

The whereabouts of Muammar Gaddafi and his other four sons remains unknown.

( / 22.08.2011)

Doctor: Israel using new weapons against Gaza

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The head of an emergency ward in a Gaza City hospital said Monday that Israeli forces were using new, more brutal weapons against residents of the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, Israeli forces began a four-day bombarded the coastal enclave killing 14 Palestinians and wounding dozens more in a series of airstrikes and drone attacks.

Dr Ayman As-Sahbani said patients were admitted with horrific injuries and that some bodies delivered to Al-Shifa Hospital were so badly burned they were unrecognizable.

He said Israeli weapons made no distinction between women, children and the elderly, pointing out that a two-year-old toddler and a 13-year-old boy were among those killed in the latest escalation.

( / 22.08.2011)

Vreedzaam protest is geen terrorisme!

Amnesty International maakt zich grote zorgen over een Saudisch ontwerpwetsvoorstel dat het mogelijk maakt om vreedzaam protest gelijk te stellen aan terrorisme. Als deze wet wordt aangenomen is dat een ernstige bedreiging voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting in Saudi-Arabië. Roep de Saudische koning daarom op invoering van de wet te verhinderen!

De definitie van ´terroristische misdrijven´ is in de ontwerpwet zo vaag en breed gesteld dat het gemakkelijk misbruikt kan worden.

Zelfs de kleinste vreedzame protesten kunnen als terrorisme worden aangemerkt. Zo kunnen ´het in gevaar brengen van de nationale eenheid´ en ´het schaden van de reputatie of positie van de staat´ als terrorisme worden uitgelegd. Het ´in twijfel trekken van de integriteit van de koning of de kroonprins van Saudi-Arabië´ is strafbaar met een minimum van tien jaar cel.

De wet staat ook verlengde detentie zonder aanklacht of proces toe. Verdachten kunnen potentieel oneindig incommunicado worden vastgehouden, de verdachte heeft dan geen enkel contact met de buitenwereld of met een advocaat. Het risico op marteling is in zo´n situatie zeer groot.

Amnesty International roept koning Abdullah van Saudi-Arabië met klem op invoering van de wet te verhinderen.

Title page of the draft Penal Law for Terrorism Crimes and Financing of Terrorism, Saudi Arabia

Wat kunt u doen?
Door op beantwoorden (reply) en vervolgens op verzenden (send) te drukken zet u uw naam onder de petitie aan de Saudische koning.

De petitie tekst:

Your Majesty,

The ´Draft Penal Law for Terrorism Crimes and Financing of Terrorism´ is a serious threat to the legitimate exercise of freedom of expression and other human rights and must be radically amended to conform with international human rights law and standards.

Incommunicado detention and indefinite detention without charge or trial can never be justified in the name of national security or for any other reason. Measures to combat terrorism must not be used as a vehicle to criminalize dissent or criticism of the state.

We call on Your Majesty to stop the passing of this draft law and prevent the Saudi Arabian people’s right to freedom of expression and human rights generally being eroded in the name of countering terrorism.

Yours sincerely,

Teken de petitie! Door op beantwoorden (reply) en vervolgens op verzenden (send) te drukken zet u uw naam onder de petitie aan de koning van Saudi-Arabië.

Many injured in Hebron house demolition

At 10pm Sunday August 21st the Hasan Ali Darwish Al-Qawasmi house in the Abo Ktelah district was raided and later destroyed by IDF soldiers.  Around eight armoured vehicles surrounded the house and at least 40 soldiers were blocking every entrance.  The IDF had arrived at the house at 8 pm.  They told family members that it would take 20 minutes but three and a half hours later they remained in occupation of the house.  A row of 14 soldiers blocked the main entrance to the house.  Female family members stood in front of them and demanded that they be allowed back into their home.

A family member accounted that Israeli soldiers had already arrested their husbands and were also guilty of the imprisonment of seven brothers and the death of two other brothers of one particular woman.  This woman arrived at the house with her baby in her arms to defy and stand up to the Israeli soldiers. After a while the army emerged from the house with a blindfolded and handcuffed man who looked as though he had been beaten.

The soldiers took him away in a jeep. The IDF informed the family and other bystanders that a suspected “suspicious object” was in the home that needed to be disposed of, which coincidentally meant exploding a section of the house.  Everyone was pushed aside in preparation for the explosion, which took place in the yard of the house. The massive explosion smashed all the windows and damaged a neighbor’s home.

During the raid clashes between Palestinians and the army started, leaving at least 30 injured with the possible rumor that of the injured, one was killed. Details have yet to be confirmed.

The army was shooting a large amount of tear gas directly at protesters and according to witnesses they probably also used rubber coated steel bullets.  The IDF fled at around midnight and the protestors went to inspect the damaged house.  Once being allowed back into the home the family members found their home torn apart.  Sofa chairs had been ripped open, picture frames had been smashed and glass lay everywhere.  Their home had been destroyed.

Witnesses said that 10 days ago another member of the Al-Qawasmi family had been arrested. On the night of August 20th  IDF arrested 10 other people in this same neighborhood.  This frightful scene concluded with an elderly female relative, who had been trapped in the house during the raid, being carried out on a stretcher by Palestinian ambulances.  The ambulances also tended to severely injured protestors.

( / 22.08.2011)

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls

Precisely as we predicted last month, NATO forces and their Al-Qaeda backed rebels launched a massive assault on Tripoli in order to wrap up the looting and conquest of Libya in time for crucial talks at the UN on Palestinian statehood set to begin in less than two weeks.

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls 220811feature

On July 8th in an article entitled, U.S. Wants Gaddafi Toppled By September, we reported, “The United States and France have set a deadline of September 2nd to topple Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, with NATO powers ready to inflict a crushing blow if Gaddafi refuses to step down peacefully.”

That crushing blow is now in full effect as reports circulate of well over a thousand dead with thousands more wounded during weekend battles, led by by NATO warships and fighter jets as part of “Operation Mermaid Dawn,”which led to the capture of Gaddafi’s sons as Gaddafi himself reportedly went into hiding.

RAF fighter jets were deployed to attack key regime targets while the media pretended the whole assault was an organic uprising by the Libyan people, endlessly replaying footage of celebrating crowds.

In another report published on July 15, we stated that NATO powers and the rebel army would launch a final bombardment of Tripoli within 6-8 weeks if Gaddafi refused to step down, which is exactly what unfolded just shy of 6 weeks later.

Barack Obama and David Cameron are now busy milking the spectacle with tough talk as if they led the assault personally. In reality, the conquest of Libya represents little more than another act of colonial looting on behalf of the NATO war machine, with Syria the next target in its cross hairs.

The war was launched, with the gleeful support of the western corporate media, on the hoax that Gaddafi’s government was slaughtering “protesters” en masse. In reality, these “protesters” had commandeered military tanks and fighter jets. For weeks, the establishment press re-branded what was a civil war as a brutal series of crimes against humanity by Gaddafi’s regime, just long enough for the United Nations to pass a “no fly zone” resolution that instantly turned into a massive NATO bombardment overnight.

Global central banks will now get to carve up Africa’s most oil-rich nation while simultaneously divvying up around 144 tons of gold bullion – which might go some way to repaying Hugo Chavez after his announcement that Venezuela is to nationalize its precious metals industry. Unless of course Chavez becomes the next head on the chopping block for another “humanitarian intervention”.

The attack on Libya, spearheaded by Obama without Congressional approval, against the advice of his own constitutional lawyers, and on a promise that the conflict would last “days not weeks,” was a brazen illustration of how the so-called “war on terror” was a cruel hoax.

From the very beginning, and in violation of their own resolution, NATO powers armed, funded and trained Al-Qaeda militants who had killed U.S. troops, setting them up to command the rebels in the march towards Tripoli. As the Wall Street Journal reported in a piece entitled, Ex-Mujahedeen Help Lead Libyan Rebels, Al-Qaeda terrorists who worked directly for Bin Laden were tasked with recruiting, training and acting as front line field commanders for the rebel army.

The entire scope of the war was about capturing Libya as another launch pad for further empire building in the Middle East and north Africa, which is why PNAC neo-cons ordered “Peace Laureate” Obama to do it in the first place. The conquest was about securing the richest oil resources in the whole of Africa, it was about stealing 6 billion dollars in gold reserves, and it was about putting a halt to China’s efforts to virtually re-colonize Africa.

Although Gaddafi was obviously an autocratic dictator, he did reinvest much of Libya’s oil wealth back into the country, transforming it into one of the most well-developed nations in the whole region, which is why a lot of the middle classes in major cities retained their support for the Libyan leader.

All that is set to change now that NATO forces and the central banks that stand behind them will finally get the opportunity to properly plunder Libya for all it has. Living standards will plummet, corrupt strong men will take control with globalist blessings and run the country into the ground for their own good, so long as they allow NATO and US air force bases to be constructed throughout the land.

Save for any last minute counter-attack by Gaddafi forces, the globalist war machine can now focus on toppling its next domino on the road to world domination. Rest assured, whether its Syria, Iran, Pakistan or anywhere else, a suitable hoax will be invented as a pretext for invasion and the western establishment media will slavishly create the perfect narrative for a bloody assault disguised as a humanitarian outreach.

( / 22.08.2011)