Palestine / Gaza 21.08.2011 II and Libye

After the entry into force of calm,,,,Israel  targeting an vehicle Near the American School of the northern Gaza Strip Jabaliya

Egyptian Foreign ministry announced that cease fire efforts failed #ProtectGaza

Prevention of Aggression on Gaza Less Costly than Dealing with its Effects, says Human Rights Center

Israeli Police Prevents Afternoon Prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque –

#GAZA | Gaza official: International community must protect Palestinians

BREAKING: another explosion northern #Gaza

#Egypt declared failure in maintaining truce talks, Israel is bombing #Gaza so we already know that the truce is dead!

🙂 <3 lol RT @dimaeleiwa: The situation in #Gaza : rockets going out and rockets coming in 😀 and life goes on 😀 #Palestine

UPDATE: last attack in khanyounis minutes ago targeted a police station with no reported casualties

So AL Jazeera English isn’t covering Gaza but also doesn’t go to breaking news for the take over of Tripoli

UPDATE: the explosion was in a 3-floor building! #Gaza

Israeli drone hit a target in East of Jabalyia… F16s hovering over Gaza!

New Israeli air strikes on Jabaliya #Gaza

BREAKING: israeli F16s hover hover Jabalya right now and an explosion was heard there

#Gaddafi personal guard relinquished weapons,sons arrested and son of his intelligence chief shot dead.Celebrations in #Tripoli #Libya

Oh God, This has to be true this time! Our hearts are thirsty for Happiness! We need it to be able to keep going! #Gaza #Libya #Gaddafi

Saif ElIslam Ghaddafi was captured #Libya

BREAKING: new explosion in south of #Gaza next to Al-Shafei mosque via @AsemAlnabih

It’s confirmed! A car was targeted minutes ago North #Gaza by Israeli missile close to old American School #Ghazzeh #Israel

Reports that Ghaddafi’s personal Guards has surrendered #Libya #ProtectGaza

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