Can the israeli Attack be an accident??

Who can believe that, as israHELL is having a plan for every step in the next ten years, i know that I get with my opinion a lot of enemies especial in Egypt.

but before answering I would like to ask the Egyptian to wake up before its too late, since six Month what did the Army (I mean the Military Council as I say the Army) in favour of the Nation

-. How many Civilian have benn sentenced by Milatary Trial?

-. Why does not the Ex Dictator of Egypt as a military leader stand infront of a Military    Trial?

-. Why did the Army Crack the Tahrir Protestors with violence?

-. Why the Army postpone the election?

-. Why the Army dont Stop pumping the Gas to israHELL?

-. Why the Army does not withdraw the Egyptian Ambassador from Israel?

-. Why we Didnt hear any statement from the Military Council, even after 48 hours of killing     egyptian???

-. Why are the Military sentencing 2 Youth as they said the truth (Opinion) about the Council     in the internet?

-. why is Egypt ruled by faithful servant of Mubarak the Traitor?

and by answering this question we should consider that the crimes and oppressing the egyptian done now is the same as under Mubarak, only now the military council is trying to manipulate the people and under the Name of the Revolution.

So is my Opinion that it’s in favour of the NWO that Egypt get no real election and be ruled by the Army, so that egypt will be ruled for the sake of the USA & Co.

as we used to say in Egypt; hit two birds with one stone. and so I say this Attack is a combined plan with israel, so the egyptian get united and support the army against the enemy, and then they would start to rule Egypt, the Military.

Israel get the reason to attack Gaza, a change the Attention of the people from the intern social problems.

I hope and wish all the best for Egypt, special as there is no Peace or Justice in the Area as Long as its not in Egypt, and only the egyptian people can help to stop the oppression of the People of Gaza

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebook / 21.08.2011)


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