AL Holds Israel Fully Responsible for the Attacks

The Arab League (AL) said on Sunday that Israel was fully responsible for the attack on Gaza Strip and the Egyptian soldiers.

In a statement following an urgent meeting at the level of permanent delegates, the Arab League condemned Israeli attacks, according to official news agency MENA.

With the statement, the Arab League expressed its support to Egyptian government for its protest to Israeli attack on Egyptian soldiers.

It condemned the attacks on the Gaza Strip, which left at least 15 Palestinians dead.

AL held the attack was a flagrant violation of the international laws and agreements. “What happened in Gaza is considered as a violation to international laws, accords and agreements that threatens security, peace and stability in the region and Geneva accord”, said the statement.

It urged the international community to give more pressure to the Israeli government and ask them to stop the attacks.

The pan-Arab body also expressed its support for the Palestinians to be recognized as an independent Palestinian state in the United Nations.

AL asserted that Arab countries should abide by the financial commitments towards the Palestinian people according to the Arab summits decisions.

Egypt said late Saturday that Israel’s regret over the killing of Egyptian soldiers in an Israeli gunfire was ‘not enough’.

Ahmed Yousef, a netizen commented on the Israeli regret, “why didn’t the army till now issue any statement as if it is a simple matter?” While Abeer Alabd, another netizen, said, “There is no peace with those who killed our brothers”.

Mohammed Elkholy, a third netizen, said, “After Jan. 25 revolution there will never be peace with Israel unless it accepts to amend Camp David accord so that it can match the changes going around in the Middle East.”

( / 21.08.2011)

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