the holy terror state israHELL

the holy terror state israHELL

as I write this note its over 24 hours since israel aggression against Gaza and Egypt, from a lot of friends I heard that this is an israeli egyptian plan, no so stupid can not be the military council.

only strange that there was no statement from any official authority, neither obama or the UN, maybe they cannot find an answer to justify the criminal crime of israHELL as they did always.

this mistake what israHELL did to kill egyptian was a spark, a spark to get the egyptian people united together, a spark to start to act for the brothers and sisters in Gaza, to tell them egyptian are not only mubarak.

my words to the world, if israel wants peace, then they should stop to kill and stop their war crimes, if the US care about israHELLs security they should care for justice in the area, special for the people of Palestine. The UN should be a honest authority and condems the war and killing even if it comes from israHELL.

I ask myself what would be the reaction of the world, if half of the egyptian that is about 50 million started to go towards israel,

today they are protesting infront of the embassy, they burn the flagg, and damend that the embassy (Zionist Embassy) should be closed, there will not be any deal about the israeli crimes, is it against egypt gaza palestine or any other country.

did israHELL dig its its own grave?

is it the start of their end???

how long will the world accept the killing of children and civilian???

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebook / 20.08.2011)


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