Together for the happiness of our children

I hope that this is the beginning of this work will give our children the opportunity for stability and make them happy.
Two years ago in the town of Gaza, Palestine, a fierce war was carried  out by Israel which burned through the trees, the stone and everything  beautiful.  The death toll and patients was very large and overwhelmed  the emergency services. During the short time frame of 22 days, which  killed nearly 1500 Palestinians, and injured nearly 5000. Hundreds of  victims were children, which included many cases of disability and limb  amputation causing lifelong damage to these innocent citizens. Tens of  thousands of homes were destroyed along with acres of agricultural land.  Needless to say the effects of war have terrorized the children and  made their psychological states complex. This has led us to create a  project to remove children from the atmosphere of war and terror and the  tragic situation that they have found themselves in. We hope to  recreate a positive atmosphere, through entertainment and allowing them  experience fun in life once more. We have decided to start these  projects to be entertainment primarily in order to instill  happiness in  their lives from a young age so they are less prone to the afflictions  of their psychological conditions.
As a result we need to make a call  to all people who have the ability to contribute to the well-being of  our children, to help them and make them happy, and to place  constructive, beautiful ideals in their minds. Your help will allow us  to facilitate the implementation of projects within the city of Gaza,  where we will document the activities with pictures and video so you too  can share our confidence and contribute vital feedback to allow us to  move forward and implement larger projects. Thank you so very much.

Project  Objectives:
1 – the provision of recreational life for the children to  change the shock and horror they experienced during the war.
2 –  Treatment of children from mental illness as a result of war and  violence.
3 – To stimulate the children with gifts and prizes, and  through hobbies allow them to express their humanity.
4 – To promote in a  new generation the security and peace of mankind and breaking cycles of  violence and aggression. 5 – Our ambition is to develop this project to  cover the largest possible number of children in Gaza City, and the  implementation of larger projects in the future.
Needs of the  project:
1 – Qualified members are needed to be able to carry  responsibility towards children and provide them with full care and  follow-up groups that will be divided according to the number of  children (been primed).
2 – Consumer Electronics to document the  activities that are performed: (Photo camera – video camera).
3 –  Financial resources to cover the expenses of the project and purchase  requirements. Please note that all participants will be on volunteers.
Steps of the project:
– Processing of qualified volunteers and members of the distribution to receive groups of children.
–  The provision of recreational areas that will be our goal which is  within the scope of the city of Gaza and most important: the beach –  park games – travel land and sea – visit universities – visit hospitals.
– Photography of these activities and the sending of these to donors and supporters of the project.
( / 20.08.2011)

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