Palestine / Gaza 20.08.2011 II

#Egypt’s Youth Coalition have called for a  protest tonight in front of the #israeliembassy at 10pm #Sinai

Meet 5-yr-old Islam Qreqa’a – BEFORE & AFTER Israeli Attack | FW to your representatives & demand HALT to attacks!

Seven homemade rockets from Gaza escape Israel’s iron dome and reach Beersheva while one was transected on the way #Gaza #Payback!

One must keep in mind that rockets fired from #Gaza are home-made & lack targeting systems, unlike Israel’s F16s and Apaches targeting kids

BREAKING: an israeli official warns Haniyah and Zahhar to be assassinated if missiles continue to hit israel

Initial reports – four Israelis injured bombed  Be’er Sheva (Safa) Iron Dome shoots down Grad rocket aimed at Be’er Sheva (Haaretz) #Gaza

Breaking News: Fear spread across Gazans, Israel escalates its attacks across the strip. Bombings target east and north Gaza.

the Israeli gov should be accountable for everyone was/is/will be killed or injured. Enough impunity! #Gaza #Palestine

18 rockets after iftar. The resistance ate, got some energy and went, “Haha! Time to stand up! We’re sick of your damn bombs!” #Gaza

East #Gaza #NOW shelled with fluorescent light bombs (if that’s what they’re called!!!)

The photographer Magdi Soliman, after he filmed the martyrs, he shocked that they are 3 members of his family #Gaza

Breaking News: Israeli Artillery fire light-bombs over Shijaya area east of Gaza City.

19 Aug “World Humanitarian Day” 15 killed ,30 injured in #Gaza where the world ?

…So basically, Israel can extrajudicially kill whoever it wants to, including children, and no one says a thing. #Gaza

BREAKING: an explosion rocks Shija’iyyah neighborhood western #Gaza

Please Allah, be with the people in #Gaza !

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