Palestine 19.08.2011

an explosion in Natania in isreal several minutes ago .. the gaza’s children blood is not cheap #protectgaza
Please take a moment to think of tonight’s martyrs…both from Egypt and Gaza. Especially the children. None of them deserved to die! NONE!
#Israeli iron dome intercepts a #Palestinian rocket – northern #Gaza – Just now
Two martyrs in #Burij in The middle of #Gaza Strip
Israeli air raids damage government buildings in Gaza:
Hearing a number of Israeli F16s and Apaches roaming over Western #Gaza
BREAKING NEWS: Israeli air force carried out an aistrike on #Rafah. #Gaza
Large explosion in #Gaza City…
#Pray4Gaza ! we will not go down in Gaza tonight by(Michael Heart)
2 Shuhada reported on their way to the mosque, and several attacks in #Gaza at the moment in Khan Younis #Gaza #Palestine
#israeli warplanes are still flying on #Gaza sky
BREAKING – #Israeli air force fires 1 missile at Hamas national security base in Abbasan East of Khan Younis #Gaza. No casualties reported
IOF warplanes targeted resistance in the east of Khan Younis via Safa #ProtectGaza#Gaza
Voice of Jerusalem, a large explosion in #KhanYunis, near Abasan #ProtectGaza
East of Gaza Strip, Khaynis, is being shilled massively leaving people in great panic.
My friend just told me that new Israeli air strike took place in Khan Younis Abbasan now #Gaza
RT @CanadaBoatGaza: We are in full support of our friends in #Gaza. First #Flotilla2 was stopped, now this. Shame on #Israel #canada4gaza
Tow children were brought to Shifa Hospital following air strikes, east of Gaza City. both cases were described as “critical”, said doctors.
The Israeli flag has been taken down at Alexandria, and replaced with the Palestinian flag. 🙂 Kudos! down with zionism.
5.25pm: #Israeli air force fired 2 missiles targting concrete factory in Al Tuffah, East of #Gaza CIty. Factory damaged + 2 injured

#Israeli drone fires 1 missile targeting group of people near Al Rantisi Mosque, east of #Gaza. No injuries reported

4 casualties reported in Al Mansoura Street East of #Gaza after 1 #Israeli tank shell fired

About 200 ppl now at the #israeliembassy tearing down the metal blue fences put up by police/army and burning Israeli flags

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