Palestine 19.08.2011 III

Various Israeli warplanes roaming #Gaza sky on low altitudes now

Seems bombing of #Gaza not newsworthy for @BBCNews, or other outlets. Are some lives worth more than others.

now AlQassam brigades will brutally respond to israel. and the civilians in Gaza are .. fucked, literally, im afraid.

death toll in #Gaza has rasied up to 15 killed and over 30 injured

BREAKING: israeli F16s, drones, and apaches are everywhere in the sky in north, middle, and south districts #Gaza

3 Palestinians killed after being targeted on a motorcycle by Israeli F16’s on Al Thalatheeni street, heart of #Gaza city!



New Israeli air strikes on Khan younis #Gaza now pfftttt

a burnt corpse of a child is delivered to al shefa hospital in #Gaza 🙁 result of the constant bombings on the city. #eilat

Heavy droning over North-West #Gaza city

#Gaza City hospital officials: 3 dead from #Israeli drone attack on car, 1 of them a 5-yr-old boy. 3 wounded, 1 of them a woman. Details tk.

BREAKING : 3 Palestinians got killed after bombing a  motorcycle in Al-Thlatheeni St. one of them is a 5-years old boy #GAZA

BREAKING: Big Abasan was hit with a missile from an israeli F16s

IOF warplanes bombed site of the San-Qassam Brigades in Gaza (safa) #Gaza

BREAKING:Burnt body of child reached Alshifa hospital in #Gaza & reports on 2 more

Our journo witnessed #Israeli drone firing rocket on car in center of #Gaza City. Vehicle completely destroyed, deaths unclear. Details tk.

‘Men in black’ started appearing.. Officers w riot police special force.. Standing far away quietly #Israelembassy #Egypt

F-16s over #Gaza city #NOW

3 martyrs from the civilian car explosion just arrived to Al Shefa hospital ripped apart into pieces #Gaza @Falastiniyeh

Another explosion in the northern district of #Gaza NOW!!

New Explosion rocked #Gaza turned out an Israeli air strike on a car in central #Gaza

Huge explosion in #Gaza now

BREAKING: primary reports say that the targeted location is Beesan location belonging to resistance to the east of Al Zaytoon by apache

‘Sinai, Sinai’ ppl chanting in front of two military APCs outside #Israel‘s embsy in Cairo #Egypt

#Gaza Update: Explosion in Al Zaytoun neighborhood.

#Breaking Haniyeh made several contacts to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza -Via Safa #Gaza #Pray4Gaza #ProtectGaza #STOP #IsraHell

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