30 December 2009

Who says Al Qaeda takes credit for a bombing?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us bin Laden tapes?  Rita Katz.  Who gets us prettymuch all information telling us Muslims are bad?  Rita Katz?  Rita Katz is the Director of Site Intelligence, primary source for intelligence used by news services, Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA.  What is her qualification?  She served in the Israeli Defense Force.  She has a college degree and most investigative journalists believe the Mossad “helps” her with her information.  We find no evidence of any qualification whatsoever of any kind.  A bartender has more intelligence gathering experience.

Nobody verifies her claims.  SITE says Al Qaeda did it, it hits the papers.  SITE says Israel didn’t do it, that hits the papers too.  What does SITE really do?  They check the internet for “information,” almost invariably information that Israel wants reported and it is sold as news, seen on American TV, reported in our papers and passed around the internet almost as though it were actually true.  Amazing.

Do we know if the information reported comes from a teenager in Seattle or a terror cell in Jakarta?  No, of course not, we don’t have a clue.  Can you imagine buying information on Islamic terrorism from an Israeli whose father was executed as a spy by Arabs?

It is quite likely that everything you think you know about terror attacks such as the one in Detroit or whether Osama bin Laden is alive or dead comes from Rita Katz.  Does she make it all up?  We don’t know, nobody knows, nobody checks, they simply buy it, print it, say it comes from Site Intelligence and simply forget to tell us that this is, not only a highly biased organization but also an extremely amateur one also.

Is any of this her fault, Ritas?  No.  She is herself, selling her work.  The blame is not Site Intelligence, it is the people who pass on the information under misleading circumstances.

Imagine if a paper carried a story like this:

Reports that Al Qaeda was responsible for bombing the mosque and train station were given to us by an Israeli woman who says she found it on the internet.

This is fair.  Everyone should be able to earn a living and information that comes from Israel could be without bias but the chances aren’t very good.  In fact, any news organization, and most use this service, that fails to indicate that the sources they use are “rumored” to be a foreign intelligence service with a long history of lying beyond human measure, is not to be taken seriously.

Can we prove that SITE Intelligence is the Mossad?  No.  Would a reasonable person assume it is?  Yes.

Would a reasonable person believe anything from this source involving Islam or the Middle East?  No, they would not.

SITE’s primary claim to fame other than bin Laden videos with odd technical faults is their close relationship with Blackwater.  Blackwater has found site useful.  Blackwater no longer exists as they had to change their name because of utter lack of credibility.

What can be learned by examining where our news comes from?  Perhaps we could start being realistic and begin seeing much of our own news and the childish propaganda it really is.

Propaganda does two things:

1.  It makes up phony reasons to justify acts of barbaric cruelty or insane greed.

2.  It blames people for things they didn’t do because the people doing the blaming really did it themselves.  We call these things “false flag/USS Liberty” incidents.

Next time you see dancing Palestinians and someone tells you they are celebrating a terror attack, it is more likely they are attending a birthday party.  This is what we have learned, perhaps this is what we had best remember.

From an AFP article on Site Intelligence:

Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. are set to release yet another “aL-Qaeda” tape

Despite a massive manhunt by the world’s intelligence agencies, BL seems to evade their combined efforts, staying on the run. But he still has time to drop into his recording studio and cook up a fresh tape for the likes of Rita Katz and her outfit called S.I.T.E. SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and a Josh Devon.

WASHINGTON (AFP) The head of the Al-Qaeda network Osama bin Laden is expected to release a taped message on Iraq, a group monitoring extremist online forums said Thursday. The 56-minute tape by the hunted militant is addressed to Iraq and an extremist organization based there, the Islamic State of Iraq, said the US-based SITE monitoring institute, citing announcements on “jihadist forums.”

It said the release was “impending” but did not say whether the message was an audio or video tape. Despite a massive manhunt and a 25-million-dollar bounty on his head, he has evaded capture and has regularly taunted the United States and its allies through warnings issued on video and audio cassettes.

Source: ME Times

Yes, despite a massive manhunt by the world’s intelligence agencies, BL seems to evade their combined efforts, staying on the run. But he still has time to drop into his recording studio and cook up a fresh tape for the likes of Rita Katz and her outfit called S.I.T.E. SITE is staffed by TWO people, Katz and a Josh Devon.

Yet these two individuals manage to do what the ENTIRE combined assets of the world’s Western intelligence can’t:

Be the first to obtain fresh video and audio tapes from aL-Qaeda with Bin Laden making threats and issuing various other comments. If BL appears a bit “stiff” in the latest release, that’s because he is real stiff, as in dead.

How is it that a Jewish owned group like S.I.T.E. can outperform the world’s best and brightest in the intelligence field and be the first to know that a group like al-Qaeda is getting ready to release another tape?

How is it possible that Rita Katz and S.I.T.E. can work this magic? Maybe looking at Katz’s background will help:

Rita Katz is Director and co-founder of the SITE Institue. Born in Iraq, her father was tried and executed as an Israeli spy, whereupon her family moved to Israel [the move has been described as both an escape and an emmigration in different sources]. She received a degree from the Middle Eastern Studies program at Tel Aviv University, and is fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. She emigrated to the US in 1997.

Katz was called as a witness in the trial, but the government didn’t claim she was a terrorism expert. During the trial it was discovered that Katz herself had worked in violation of her visa agreement when she first arrived in America in 1997.

She also admitted to receiving more than $130,000 for her work as an FBI consultant on the case.

(www.veteranstoday.com / 18.08.2011)

Palestinian embassy opened in Lebanon

Acting Palestinian Authority (PA) Chief Mahmoud Abbas has inaugurated the Palestinian embassy in Beirut during his two-day visit to the Lebanese capital.

The Palestinian delegation was upgraded to an embassy on Wednesday in a ceremony attended by Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati and top Palestinian officials, including chief negotiator Saeb Erekat and intelligence chief Maged Farajas as well as Mahmoud Abbas.

Describing the opening of the embassy as a great achievement for Palestinians and the Lebanese, Abbas said: “The Palestinian flag is now flying in Lebanon’s heart and the heart of every Lebanese who loves Palestine.”

The visit by Abbas also aims to rally support for the Palestinian bid of statehood recognition at the United Nations which is due to be put to vote in September.

More than 100 countries have so far officially recognized Palestine as a sovereign state based on the 1967 borders. However, full membership of the UN requires the approval of the 15-member Security Council.

The US has already expressed opposition to the bid.

(www.presstv.ir / 18.08.2011)

Israel threatens to attack Gaza

Israel has accused Gaza-based resistance fighters of involvement in the shooting attacks in southern Israel, threatening to launch a new attack on the coastal sliver.

On Thursday, gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Israeli soldiers while a rocket was fired at another bus near the Red Sea resort of Eilat, near the Egyptian border.

The incident left at least six people dead and dozens more injured. The Israeli military claimed they had pursued the attackers and killed seven people in a gun battled with those involved in the attacks.

Immediately, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak claimed that the source of combined attacks was the Gaza Strip.

“This is a serious terror attack that took place in several locations,” the Israeli paper Haaretz quoted Barak as saying on its website.

“The incident shows the weakening Egyptian grip on Sinai and the widening operation of terrorists there. The source of these terror acts is in Gaza and we will act against them with full force,” he went on to say.

The democratically elected Palestinian government, headed by the Gaza-based Hamas movement, strongly rejected any relation between the resistance fighters and the Thursday attacks.

“The Palestinian government denies the accusations made by Barak about the operation in Eilat and affirms that there is no relation between the Gaza Strip and what happened near Eilat,” Hamas spokesman Taher al-Nunu told AFP.

Responding to Barak’s war threat, senior Hamas member Salah al-Bardawil also stressed that the Islamic movement and the Palestinian people are not afraid of “Zionist threats” and will not “stand idly by if the enemy attacks.”

Bardawil further stated that Hamas relies on a strategy of resisting “the occupation of Palestinian lands from within, rather than from outside.”

The Israeli saber-rattling comes as the blockaded Gaza Strip strives to meet its basic needs under a crippling Israeli siege, intensified since Hamas had to limit its rule to the coastal sliver in June 2007, following a coup plot by rival Fatah party.

On December 27, 2008, Israel launched a massive onslaught against Gaza and killed more than 1,400 Palestinians in 22 days of nonstop land, sea and air strikes.

The weeks-long war was tainted with UN-confirmed reports indicating the use of forbidden weaponry such as white phosphorus bombs by Israeli armed forces, among other war crimes raging from shooting unarmed civilians on the run, through the targeting of places known to hold civilians, to using Palestinian children as human shields.

Meanwhile, the governor of North Sinai, Abdel Wahab Mabruk, ruled out reports that those behind the Thursday’s attacks had slipped to Egypt through underground tunnels across the border between Gaza and Egypt and challenged Israel to provide evidence that the attacks originated from Egypt.

“How does Israel know they came from Sinai? What is Israel’s evidence?” he questioned.

(www.presstv.ir / 18.08.2011)

FACTBOX-Details on Palestinian group blamed for Israel attack

Israel has blamed a Palestinian faction, the Popular Resistance Committees
(PRC), of launching attacks along its border with Egypt that killed seven
Israelis on Thursday.

Within hours of the assault, the Israeli airforce struck back at the PRC,
which is based in Gaza, killing five of its members, including the leader and
his lieutenant.

Following are some details on the organisation, which denied involvement in
the attack in southern Israel:

– The PRC is an umbrella group that draws together former armed activists of
different factions. It was formed in the Gaza Strip in 2000 at start of a
Palestinian uprising for statehood.

– It counted numerous former security men from the Palestinian Authority’s
various security agencies among its ranks, including many disaffected members of
Fatah, which has since renounced violence against Israel. It operates
independently from the Islamist rulers of Gaza, Hamas.

However fighters from the two groups have staged joint coordinated attacks in
the past years and the PRC’s leaders took similar political positions to that of
Hamas regarding the Palestinian Authority’s peace moves with Israel.

– The group staged dozens of attacks against Israeli troops and Jewish
settlers during its early years. Among the attacks it claimed was a 2003 strike
against a U.S. diplomat, that killed three security guards, and the 2004 fatal
shooting of a pregnant settler and her four young daughters.

– In June 2006, the Israeli airforce killed PRC founder Jamal Abu Samhadana
in a targeted strike in Gaza. Shortly afterwards, the PRC was one of three
groups that claimed responsibility for the cross-border abduction of Israeli
soldier Gilad Shalit. He is still believed to be in captivity in Gaza.

– The design of their emblem is very similar to that used by the
Iranian-backed, Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah, with a fist holding up a
Kalashnikov. Israel believes the group gets backing from Hezbollah.

(mideastnews-danmike.blogspot.com / 18.08.2011)

Sara Kershnar founder of the International Jewish Anti Zionist Network (IJAN) speaks in London

Sara Kershnar founder of the International Jewish Anti Zionist Network (IJAN) speaks in London at the invitation of the Global Women’s Strike and IJAN UK.  She joins other distinguished and dedicated activists speaking on Iraq, Haiti, Palestine – Occupation is the Crime (Sunday 1 February), part of an International Gathering bringing together grassroots women and men from over a dozen countries.  On Wednesday 4 February IJAN London will host a Meeting with founders of Matzpen and IJAN at which Ms Kershnar will be a guest speaker together with Professor Moshe Machover.

Ms Kershnar, based in San Francisco, co-founded IJAN in 2008.  It is an international network in 10 countries of Jewish people who are uncompromisingly committed to struggles for human emancipation, of which the liberation of the Palestinian people and land is an indispensable part. It is committed to the dismantling of Israeli apartheid, the return of Palestinian refugees, and the ending of the Israeli colonisation of historic Palestine.  It challenges the false claim that Israel and Zionism speak for all Jewish people and lends a strategic voice that challenges the allegations of anti-Semitism lobbied at anyone who criticizes Israel.

JAN in London has had a constant presence at the recent Gaza protests including a Women’s Vigil jointly organised with the Islamic Human Rights Commission outside the BBC protesting their biased coverage (before the present controversy on DEC).  Internationally, it has occupying the Israeli consulates in Toronto and Los Angeles and shut it down in San Francisco in a joint action with Palestinians and other activists.  IJAN in San Francisco is organising as part of a joint call put out nationally with the US Palestine Community Network; organizing civil disobedience and educational events for grassroots organisations and the broader public.  It is preparing to launch a consumer boycott of Israeli goods.

Ms Kershnar is from a Jewish family which emigrated to New York City at the beginning of the last century in flight from the pogroms of Eastern Europe and after generations of flight starting with the Spanish inquisition.  She founded IJAN because Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and colonisation of their land was contrary to what she understood to be the Jewish values she grew up with and to her understanding of Jewish participation in social justice that she was taught.  She initially joined a local organisation in San Francisco (‘Jews for a free Palestine’) but on travelling to Palestine in 2004 felt that local actions were not enough and that something was needed to rival the international scale of Zionism.

With the election of Barack Obama she expects his administration to participate in discussions about the US role in Israeli racism and genocide; to open questions up about the relationship between the US and Israel that have previously been censored.

Ms Kershnar is a distinguished organizer with a long track record of grassroots activism.  She started organising with ACT-UP in San Francisco when her father tested positive for HIV.  She is also co-founder of the Harm Reduction Coalition – founded to build a movement to reduce drug-related harm and to confront and transform the racism and class oppression that is at the root of harmful drug use; and also a co-founder of Generation FIVE, an organisation that works to end child sexual abuse in a liberatory rather than reactionary way.  It organises in several locations across the United States and affiliates are being built in Japan, Iran and Puerto Rico.

Ms Kershnar will be available for interviews and for meetings until 6 February.  In the UK, contact IJAN at 07816251377 www.ijsn.net or Global Women’s Strike press office: 0207 482 2496.  www.globalwomenstrike.net

(www.globalwomenstrike.net / 18.08.2011)

7 killed, dozens injured in southern Israel attacks

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — At least seven people have been killed and dozens injured in two shooting attacks on buses near the Israeli city of Eilat, officials said Thursday.

Three militants armed with Kalashnikovs opened fire on a bus traveling from Beersheba to Eilat causing multiple injuries, Israel’s Channel 10 television reported.

Reports suggest that armed men opened fire from a car following the bus, which was traveling about 30 kilometers north of Eilat near Netafim in Israel’s south.

The Israeli army said five soldiers were among a total of nine people injured.

“This morning’s incident, near the southern Israeli city of Netafim, left four soldiers moderately injured and one soldier lightly injured,” a statement from the military said.

“Several people were injured as a result of an explosive device, detonated on an IDF force that arrived at the scene and drove over it,” the statement said.

Assailants also attacked a second bus and a car soon after, an Al-Arabiya correspondent reported. Five people were killed, including one in the first bus attack, the correspondent said.

Israeli media reports said at least seven people were killed in all the attacks.

In a third incident, mortars were reportedly fired at Israeli forces near the southern border causing injuries, although initial reports were ambiguous about the origin of the artillery.

The Hebrew-language daily Yedioth Ahronoth, quoting foreign sources, reported that Jordan had delivered a warning based on intelligence that such an attack was likely.

An Egyptian official, meanwhile, denied that the attack originated in the Sinai.

Meanwhile, Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak said that “this terror attack originated from Gaza. We will exhaust all measures against the terrorists,” Israel’s Ynet news site reported.

Senior Hamas official Salah Bardawil rejected Barak’s accusations and warned that Israel was preparing to attack Gaza during Ramadan, adding that resistance would be swift if this occurred.

In an interview with Ma’an radio, Bardawil accused Israel of blaming Hamas and Gaza groups in order to deflect attention from its domestic economic crisis and security failures.

Security forces are still investigating the nature of the incidents and latest reports from Israeli radio suggest three of the attackers have been killed by Israeli forces, with the clashes now over.

A search is currently underway in Eilat to locate other suspects in the attack, as the police presence across Israel intensifies.

Twenty-five people have been taken to Eilat hospital, Arabic media reported, and emergency services were immediately deployed to the scene of the attacks.

The identity of the attackers is unknown.

(www.maannews.net / 18.08.2011)

PCBS Report: “More Than 7000 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Fire In 10 Years”

13 may 2011

On Thursday, The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) issued a report stating that more than 7000 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories over the past ten years.

Palestinian Children Killed By Army Fire - File
Palestinian Children Killed By Army Fire – File

The PCBS said that 7342 Palestinians were killed in the period between September 29, 2000 and December 31, 2010.

The report stated that by the end of 2009, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire arrived to 7235, including 2183 killed by Israeli fire in the West Bank.

2059 of the slain Palestinians in the West Bank are males and 124 are females.
In the Gaza Strip, the army killed 5015 Palestinians, 4601 of them are males, and 414 are females. The rest of the casualties are from the 1948 territories.
The year 2009 was the bloodiest year as Israeli soldiers killed 1219 Palestinians comparing to 1192 killed in 2002.

107 persons, including 9 Turkish peace activists, were killed by Israeli army fire in 2010.

The Turkish activists were killed when the Israeli army pirated the Mavi Marmara solidarity ship in international waters as it was approaching the Gaza shore along with the rest of the “Freedom Flotilla” solidarity convoy to deliver urgently needed medical and humanitarian supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The PCBS report also indicated that Israeli soldiers kidnapped nearly 750.000 Palestinians since 1967. Among the kidnapped were 12.000 women and dozens of thousands of children.

It added that more than 6000 Palestinians are still imprisoned by Israel, including dozens of persons from different Arab countries. 820 detainees were sentenced to at last one life term.

There are 37 female detainees, and 425 children, who are currently imprisoned by Israel, in addition to 136 detainees who have been in prison since more than 20 years. 41 detainees have been imprisoned since more than 25 years and four have been in prison since more than 30 years.

The PCBS said that since the outbreak of the Al Aqsa Intifada on September 28, 2000, the army kidnapped 70.000 Palestinians, including 8000 children and 850 women. Four of the kidnapped women were pregnant when kidnapped and delivered their children while shackled on prison clinic beds.

Israel also kidnapped dozens of elected ministers, legislators and officials, and issued more than 20.000 Administrative Detention orders against the detainees.

Administrative Detention is when Israel claims obtaining “a secret file” against certain detainees and can keep renewing the order indefinitely without pressing charges against the detainees.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 18.08.2011)

PVV verzamelt privégegevens journalisten

DEN HAAG – De Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) verzamelt privégegevens van journalisten om hen te laten screenen. Onder de gegevens bevindt zich ook het burgerservicenummer (BSN). Volgens deskundigen overtreedt de partij daarmee de wet.

Ook de Dienst Koninklijke en Diplomatieke Beveiliging (DKDB), die de screening uitvoert, gaat mogelijk over de schreef.

Het BSN is een uniek persoonsnummer, bedoeld voor communicatie tussen overheid en burgers. De regels voor het gebruik zijn strikt in de wet omschreven.

Beveiliging Wilders
In een uitnodiging voor een persconferentie op 1 september vraagt de PVV journalisten zich voor 19 augustus aan te melden, onder vermelding van “volledige voor- en achternaam, geboortedatum, BSN nr., parlementaire pers (ja/nee)”.

Navraag bij de PVV leert dat die de gegevens verzamelt op verzoek van de Nationale Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding (NCTb) en de DKDB, die verantwoordelijk zijn voor de beveiliging van partijleider Geert Wilders.

“We willen weten wie binnenkomt”, zegt een woordvoeder van het Korps Landelijke Politiediensten, waaronder de DKDB valt. “Het BSN is voor ons een makkelijke manier om dat te weten te komen.” Volgens de woordvoerder kan dat ook aan de hand van naam en geboortedatum “maar dat is omslachtig en er is kans op fouten en dubbelingen, wat tot verwarring kan leiden. Het BSN is makkelijker inkloppen”.

“Dát is dus geen reden”, zegt Marten Voulon, onderzoeker van IT-recht aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en deskundige op het gebied van privacy en het BSN. “Het opvragen van het BSN moet écht nodig zijn, bijvoorbeeld omdat er een acute dreiging is. Het mag zeker niet uit gemakzucht. Ik denk dat dit juridisch niet door de beugel kan”, aldus Voulon, die het een griezelige gedachte vindt dat de overheid journalisten screent.

‘PVV is geen overheid’
Dat de privacygevoelige gegevens door de PVV worden opgevraagd is volgens Voulon helemaal uit den boze. “Dat kan niet door de beugel. Alleen de overheid en enkele zeer nauw omschreven private partijen mogen de gegevens opragen. De PVV is zeker geen overheid.”

Eerder dit jaar bleek dat de PVV ook al burgerservicenummers van vrijwilligers inzamelde en door de DKDB liet screenen, zonder dat de betrokkenen dit wisten.

‘Merkwaardige zaak’
Tweede-Kamerlid Gerard Schouw (D66) vindt het opvragen van het BSN een “merkwaardige zaak”. Dat het BSN via een politieke partij wordt verzameld, vindt hij nog vreemder. Schouw wil opheldering vragen aan het kabinet. “Dit lijkt erg veel op ongeoorloofd gebruik”, zegt hij. “De DKDB heeft dat BSN helemaal niet nodig.”

(www.bndestem.nl / 18.08.2011)