A state of fragile peace governs the region, with political insecurity undermining the daily lives of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Children grow up with undrinkable dirty water, run down schools, faltering electricity, and the daily threat of bombings. Youths mature to find themselves in an economy with sky-high unemployment rates (45% in Gaza, one of the highest in the world). Parents grow old and face mounting health problems, with limited medical supplies and capacity stunting life expectancy.

Over 46% of Palestinians in the West Bank live below the poverty line, while in Gaza the figure is as high as 80%. Those who grow up in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon are essentially stateless.

All in Palestine face restricted freedom of movement, and systematic abuses of their rights to land. Despite their daily lives being marked by violations of their basic human rights, Palestinians remain resilient.

(Interpal  Ramadan 2011 / Facebook / 17.08.2011)

One thought on “Why PALESTINE?

  1. Why Palestine? This is ethnic cleansing pure and simple. The other obvious question one would ask is where are the Arabs and where are the Muslims? The answer is in a state of apathy and deep coma. This too is pure and simple. Reslient? Yes, we the Palestinians have to be. Especially our brothers and sisters in Gaza. What other choices do we have? Nobody is coming to the rescue. Our cause and Jerusalem have been used and abused by flag-waving and empty rhetoric. Come the revolution, come our deliverance. Not only us,the Palestinians, but our fellow Arabs throughout our blighted land. Our struggles to rid ourselves of the shackles of tyranny, feudalism and tribalism should not only be for Ramadan, but for all time. United we will succeed. Fragmented we will continue to be subjugated. As the poet said:
    ‘ta’ba arrimaho itha jtama’na takassorun
    wa’itha ftaraqnatakassarat ahada’
    Ramadan Kareem.

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