‘West not after peace in Palestine’

Interview with Saeb Shaath, Author & Middle East Affairs Analyst

Israel’s new plan for the construction of hundreds of settler units in the occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds lands has prompted international criticism.

The UN, European Union and Russia have condemned the final approval for the building of 1,600 settler units in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of East Jerusalem al-Quds by the Israeli interior ministry, saying the move undermines the two-state solution and efforts to resume Palestinian-Israeli talks.

Press TV has interviewed Saeb Shaath, author and Middle East affairs analyst from Belfast, to further talk over the issue.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview, which is also supported by two other guests:

Press TV: In 2004, the International Court of Justice Ruling said in ruling that “Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem Al-Quds, are illegal and an obstacle to peace and to economic and social development [… and] have been established in breach of international law.”

Despite the ruling, Israel continues to build more settlements and even the US cannot or does not stop it. Do you see any resolve on the part of the international community to stop Israel or not?

Shaath: … about the scientific achievement of Israel, … I want to say just one point. In 1947, the French contributed a nuclear research center to the Haganah terrorist organization before the establishment of Israel to use it in achieving its aims of establishing Israel and kicking the Palestinians out of their homeland.

Most of the western countries contributing and building that advanced state in there [is] to intimidate and to occupy and to torture the people of the Arab world. … that will go back to the international community and all of that. It is hypocrisy.

When we look at the EU condemning and they are not accepting and the United States of America [is] even pressurizing the Palestinians to stop their bid for the United Nations or otherwise it will stop financing this and that.

First of all, the Palestinian entity in the West Bank, the Palestinian authority in the West Bank, is backed by the west, backed by the United States of America and backed by the European community and those people are hypocrites and they do not support any sort of peace settlements or peace move in there. They just issue some empty slogans without anything on the ground to be done.

The Europeans stopped treating with Israel on a record of human rights records as they claim. They could have influenced Israel in million ways of the United Nations Resolution, 65 resolutions there in the United Nations regarding the Palestinians.

When it comes to Palestinians, they do not care. They just want to keep Israel stronger and stronger and they try with the rhetoric acclaimed the high morally ground in here. It is absolute double standards in here.

The only way to stop that I say is [that] the Palestinians [should] intensify their resistance because the Israeli occupation is a cheap occupation. They have to be costing them a lot and the Palestinians have to hurt them hard so [that] they can withdraw from the occupied territories.

Press TV: Do you think that there is democracy in Israel?

Shaath: First of all, you cannot compare a Zionist state like Israel to nation states, historical nation states, from thousands of years being built and developed and struggled to achieve their status in the international community like Britain or France.

This is [an] unacceptable comparison to compare this Zionist apartheid state like Israel with the French or the British and from there those people [who] are the Zionist thugs came and robbed historical Palestine and [established] massacres… I do not want to go in there.

So you cannot compare and that [is] totally unacceptable. Then when you see peace and this and that, it is the might against the right. That was what was used in Palestine, a gun in the head of the helpless Palestinians.

You take this or you accept that. That is which contradicts with justice. Justice in here is [that] the Palestinians have to go back to their homes.

It is not even about two-state solutions because as I see with what is happening now, the Israelis are grabbing the best lands of Jerusalem to make a Jewish city totally, the West Bank [and] the best lands to annex the West Bank to Israel. [There is] no hope for two-state solutions.

Only they are planning for cantons-state and there are three cantons-states to put the Arab-Palestinians in it under military rule of Israel and call it an independent Palestinian state.

That is reject-able. Wait for Palestinian people [who] will [have] their third Intifada against all of that. They try to appease their population, the middle class in their demonstration, with building settlements in the West Bank and more cheap housing so they can shut the social protests in there.

Even if you look at that, that protest is racist, only for white western Israelis, not covering all the sides of the fabrics of society.

(www.presstv.ir / 16.08.2011)

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