Stopping US aid to Israel demonstration – time to globalise the resistance

zaterdag 17 september · 11:00 – 14:00

American Embassy, london

24 Grosvenor Square

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The Palestinian popular commitees have sent out the following message, asking for help in ending the staggering amount of aid the United states sends to Israel; aid that is essential in maintaining the illegal military occupation of Palestine. In London we will heed their call and demonstrate outside the US embassy on September 17th. If you support justice for the Palestinian people please be there, the message is;

Dear Friends
Th…e popular comittees-Palestine asks all those who support peace and justice in Palestine to organise demonstrations in September outside the US embassies of their countries calling for the end of US aid to Israel. Demonstrations are already planned in front of the White House on September 15th and in front of the United Nations building in New York on September 15th, but to be successful we need to globalise the resistance.

American tax dollars go toward supporting an illegal and humiliating occupation of Palestinian land; the construction of illegal settlements; the annexation of Palestinian farmland; the purchase of weapons and arms used in night raids and military strikes. Right now American money finds its way to this part of the world where children and innocent civilians are killed, injured, and made to suffer. It also empowers the Israeli government to further ignore international law and perpetuate its intransigence.

These demonstrations in September will tell the US government to stop supporting this occupation and stand up for justice and freedom in Palestine, lets spread them far and wide accross the planet.
Iyad Burnat
Head of Bil’in popular committee

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