Leader of Gaza youth group said arrested by Hamas authorities on return from France

One of the founders of Gaza Youth Break Out (GYBO), known as “Abu Yazan” has reportedly been arrested by the Hamas authorities in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip after returning from a speaking tour in France, the group reported in a press release and via its Twitter account. GYBO came to prominence earlier this year when it published a manifesto condemning Palestinian political factions.

GYBO first reported the arrest early on Monday morning, Gaza time:

Gaza Youth Break Out’s Twitter

Gaza Youth Break Out#Gybo member, human rights activist, and blogger , Abu Yazan , arrested by the authorities in #Gaza
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The GYBO press release states:


On August 14th 2011 Abu Yazan, a young political activist from Gaza Youth Breaks Out (GYBO) has been arrested by the Hamas authority. After returning from a trip to France, where he was invited to hold talks about the current situation of the besieged Gaza Strip, he has been called in two times for questioning, until he was finally arrested today. GYBO is a peaceful Palestinian youth movement in Gaza, which gained international attention after publishing a Manifesto in January. Abu Yazan is a leading voice in the movement that is representing a growing number of Gazan youth. The group raises, mainly through new social media like facebook, awareness about the situation under siege for young people in Gaza, and recently called for unity among the Palestinian factions with the aim to target the illegal Israeli occupation. Abu Yazan regularly takes part in demonstrations against the illegal Israeli occupation in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza. No reasons for his arrestment was given up to this time. He also was denied visits by his family and a lawyer.  We call on the authorities to abide by the law.

(electronicintifada.net / 15.08.2011)

One thought on “Leader of Gaza youth group said arrested by Hamas authorities on return from France

  1. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article “Passport to Shame” when I became aware of the existence of a black list in Ramallah with the names of 30,000 Palestinians who were denied a Passport by the PA. Please have a look at:
    Now, Hamas, not to be outdone in the ‘inflict pain on the Palestinians’ game are arresting the youth of Gaza for no apparent reason other than to show how tough they are. Shame on you, Hamas.
    My Palestinian compatriots, Hamas and the PA are there to serve the interests of Hamas and the PA not the Palestinian cause or the Palestinian people. Unite and get rid of them both. We deserve better.

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