Raise your voice against Drone Attacks….!

We created the page Stop Drone Attacks on faceook on 17th December, 2010.From the same date people started Like it in a
huge number. More than 102 people Liked it till today. It shows that in majority the peace lovers and all members of our community strongly condemn the US Drone Attacks in Pakistan and even any where in the world. Because it kills innocent
people more then the terrorists. There are some comments that people done on the facebook page:
Babar Hayat:

The mounting drones attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas are not only killing the innocent peoples but also fueling the hatred among the tribesmen s toward Pakistan’s army and its peoples. After becoming a front line state over the US war on terror, Pakistan has become the number one victim of terrorism. The nation is at disarray over the question of why Pakistan signed a
deal with Washington to fight its war on terror, since its own country has plunged into the wave of terrorism. Comparatively, Pakistan has lost way more than what it gained over its decision to back the Us war on terror. Now these drones are making the situation even more dangerous, dividing the nation along the ethnic lines. Therefore, the drone attacks must be stopped.

Sabina Shahid:
Media is as usual going on with their negative coverage.i can never understand as to why would America keep repeating those same lame words,’Pakistan needs to do more’,a border has two sides.There are American and Allied forces,Nato forces and Afghan army and the rangers,how come they are not able to control the other side of the border.And maybe it is time to admit that
Karzai,the GOVERNOR of Kabul is nothing but a failure,who can’t even control anything outside of Kabul,so how is he going to secure his own border.Easy to blame. you can’t fight extremism with more extremism,or terror with terror.There should be
an initiative for more diplomacy and peace programs. the media is so quite over this whole thing,while the attacks continue and the people are dying,majority still believes that the extremists are being killed. if  only 2011 could be the total opposite of 2010.i think we should take Obama’s nobel peace prize and give it to Bush for a year or so…would it be any different?
will this year be any different? While some will have fireworks,the others will have death.Humanity is coming to its final phase of triumph or tyranny will rule? if only Americans knew the truth,the media has been taken hostage…wait,what am i saying?Media is money making business just like wars. every page or group that you have joined,post it there and let the people know.
thanx…i am doing the same,hopefully more people will join.
Susan Peterson:
the New Year is barely a day old…
I honestly wish I had an answer, Sabina. At my end of the world; I wish I could give my country a cosmic punch in the head so that they will finally wake up and see what is happening in Pakistan and Afghanistan…
Exactly Eesha; the world forgets that in the “War On Terror”, real life, flesh and blood people get hurt. And it is their communities
who have to try and rebuild, somehow, while being attacked. It is so frustrating!!
I don’t understand why there is no anger over this!!! And we all know if the situation was reversed.
Eesa Hassan:

It is a
perception and a true one at that that we all need a leader to make something successful, it is apparent from the way any organization, institution is run. Can’t something be done about this issue to make it heard and opposition to it  registered..majority opposes it but there is no pressure on those who allow it to stop it! The public can pressurize those involved but maybe are cowardly or just not aware. Can’t there be a platform just for this??? Something real with a single purpose!

It’s so sad and horrible that there is hardly any awareness about the injustice of this act much less any hue and cry over it..
These numbers are just ….numbers and what about those who are maimed for the rest of their lives..and all happening just because it was ‘thought’ some miscreants were there! This is making matters worse instead of wiping it out..i don’t get it why those who are involved are hell bent on continuing this , thinking it to be end of so called ‘extremism’!!
Muhammad Adil:

HUH….this our national interest to stop Drone attacks in our country..n look only 22 people
like this page..this is something really shame for us….it should b in thousands…

Irfanullah Waizr:

We should add more and more people to this page just to make some people realize that there
(IN WAZIRISTAN) everything is going wrong and commonly in a couple of weeks there is a drone attack that is necessary……so some of the people will convey our words to much more people and at last PAKISTAN will start working to stop this DRONE attacks…..I
might have told you all the correct thing???

(stopdrone.blogspot.com / 14.08.2011)

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