Erekat: Palestinian Membership in UN a Must to Reach Peace

Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) – Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Member, Saeb Erekat, Monday assured that the PLO’s decision to seek United Nations (UN) recognition and full membership of a Palestinian state  key for reaching peace and two state solution.

During a meeting with UN Secretary-General’s Personal Representative Robert Serry and the British Consul General, Sir Vincent Vinn, Erekat discussed the outcomes of the Arab League peace process follow- up committee meeting, held in Al-Dawha, and President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts, visits and talks to promote the two state solution within the 1967 borders as well as the need to stop Israeli settlement activities in the West bank including East Jerusalem.

He also said that going to the UN in September is part of the Palestinian strategy; ending the Israeli occupation and putting back Palestine on the geographical map.

He added that the PLO’s efforts are to seek UN full membership of a Palestinian state, not for the declaration of a Palestinian state, since the independence of Palestine was declared in the National meeting held in Algeria in 1988.
( / 08.08.2011)

One thought on “Erekat: Palestinian Membership in UN a Must to Reach Peace

  1. I read with interest the announcement of Dr Saeb Erekat. Let me, at the outset, declare my position as a Palestinian. Being a realist, I am firmly on the side of a two-state solution. I think this is the only point where Dr.. Erekat and I are in agreemen. But we are just two Palestinians. What of the opinions, fears and aspirations of the remaining 11 million Palestinians? Going to the UN to register Palestine as a fully-fledged member is a noble notion. But that is all it is. A notion. Dr. Erekat, my compatriot, no matter how you package this, it still falls very short of what many Palestinians want. What the Palestinians want, and have never been given the opportunity, is to be acknowledged, to be fully represented and to be consulted.

    In my opinion, and that of millions of Palestinians, the Oslo Accord in 1993 and the subsequent creation of the PA was another Nakba. In your haste to have a state you accepted, naively, the offer and the promises of more. The offer has since shrunk and been undermined at every opportunity and the promises are still just that, promises.

    We Palestinians, who live in exile, I have been in exile for 50 years, watch at what is going on inside Palestine, in the Arab World and the International Arena. From what we see and read we can take an informed decision.As an exile who has spoken, debated, argued and written on Palestine extensively may I suggest that you do not go to the UN seeking recognition of ANY Palestinian state at this stage. Palestine already exists. It is already on the geographical map, as you call it. Yes, it is occupied. Yes, the Zionist, apartheid occupation is trying to alter the topography and demography of Palestine by dissecting the land. Yet Palestine still exists.

    You say you are seeking full membership for the Palestinian state to the UN. The Palestinians state I would like to see as a fully-fledged member of the UN is not there yet. Our efforts and time should be fully employed to achieve a viable, sustainable, congruent democracy. You must know by now that Israel does not seek peace. You must know from years of negotiation with them personally that what they are actually looking for is an elongated, fruitless peace process that will achieve nothing, while behind the scenes they continue land grab after land grab. If you are really serious about achieving anything that is tangible and sustainable force their hand. Dissolve the PA, put the burden of the occupation on the occupier, not the occupied. Palestine, as a whole, has been occupied since 1967. We have many a UN resolution declaring the occupation, the settlements and the treatment of the Palestinians illegal. What has that achieved? Nothing. The PLO through different means and avenues has been trying to negotiate peace with Israel for over 40 years. The result? The discredited and shameful Oslo Accord. Israel is an occupying force. Under the Geneva Convention they have responsibility and duty to the occupied. The creation of the PA has absolved them from these responsibilities and duties. Is that sensible? The sensible thing to do is to dissolve the PA and let the occupation take on the job of managing the occupied territories in full gaze of the International community.

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