Arab Revolution or International Protests

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebook / 08.08.2011)

from Tunis over Egypt and not only in the Arab countries, meanwhile it Started in Europe and in others too all over the World.

the way and the reasons of this Protestsis different but at the end if we look at the conclusion, why? its that the normal people want a normal secure life.

In England it started, yes its not the same reason as in Tunis or Egypt, but it goes in the same way, because all the nation wants one thing it is that their Goverments should work for them, for the majority, not only for the upper Class.

Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrian, Spain, Greece, those started as normal Protest and we can count them already as Revolution.

Saudi, Iran, Israel, England are still Protest because they lost the faith in their goverment and it seems that they will soon will change into Revolution.

In the near future we will have more Protests in more countries, I think even in countries where nobody even would dream that its people will rise.

isnt it a sign for the rest of the world goverments,or are those Leaders so blind not to see their own faults, do they think their power is endless, they forget that their legitimacy is from their own people and not the faith to some powerfull rich people, who try to rule the world.

we normal people we want freedom and a future for us and our children, and what we hear lately all over the world, is not one positive news.

I saw a video which say “China Says Either WW3 or New World Order” , but I guess This World War 3 will not be, it will be a World Revolution, as the people of the World are getting united, in their demands, they are waking up.

Sure is one; there is no weapon stronger then the power of the nation´s

so it would be better if the west would learn from the Arab revolution and correct their way of diplomacy, and work for their own nation instead to send their people to die, in worthless wars

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