The powerfull Democracy State !!!

(Raef El-Ghamri / 06.08.2011)

Maybe we should call it the Creator of a new Democracy, a fake Democracy USA.

The United States of America who has depth like no other country, and still try to controll the world claiming they care about the Human rights, should they not better care about their own problems.

But how this if they dont have the money, thats why they make war only in rich countries, as Irak Libya Afghanistan and not in Yemen or Palestina. to Steal those Countries money and resources, and to stop any power which could raise and oppose the New World Order.

They are stealing Billion´s , but for whom??? for the rich upper Class those who never get enough

While in the USA are million´s who can not got to eat, and the nummber of this people is increasing

They are having an enourmos depth, but 1400 Millioners in the States, didnt pay in the Year 2009 even one Dollar Tax.

This is the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, and the they claim to be Democratic, how can they decide about others who is democratic and who not, they (USA Goverment) are manipulation their own people with the media controll, in order to Justify their doings.

So wake up Americans and dont wait till thoes 10 upper controll the world, because when they do then will not be long till we have hunger in the US as in Somalia, and siege in Europe as in Gaza Strip, those Zionist should be stopped

So wake up free people in this World, before we become slaves of this system, wake up before we come to the time where education will be a luxury

Let us fight this War in one way with one weapon and this is the TRUTH, this is the only weapon which our enemy dont have.

Let us demand our Govement´s to tell us the TRUTH, let us demand for the Democracy a real Democracy and for all and all over the world

Let us Stop the Wars, which only kill civilian and children and destroy our World.

Let us stop the wars, and force the supporters to stop, let us force our goverment´s to stop the weapon deals

let us be in Freedom together all Religion and all Races

let us have a true Democracy

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