Child in Gaza suffer a serious illness treatment costs $250000

Seriously ill, the first of its kind in the Middle East, discovered the child in the Strip is six years old, suffering since birth from the disease.

Child Abdullah Club of Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, has been suffering for 6 years from the inability of doctors Gaza disease diagnosis, he is suffering from inflation in the liver and spleen as well as to the existence of an internal attack the blood cells, and a continuous rise in temperature.

Club, the father says, “We went to all hospitals in Gaza could not a diagnosis so we went to Egypt and then to Israel to be classified in Israel as a condition the first of its kind and there is no cure.”

Child Club after his return to Gaza was a marrow transplant in a hospital in the sector but to no avail agriculture failed and increased the child’s condition worse.

Decided the child’s father to his son’s experience against giving free treatment by the Israeli doctors have concluded after examining the child’s status to a drug used in the treatment of similar cases to him, they gave him treatment, which costs $ 250 thousand dollars for a year by injection monthly to settle down and drawn up after treatment, but treatment was stopped by the hospital to the high price.

The mother says the child “pulsing heart pain, especially for my son and that he constantly asks me when I’m going school, and my hope from God to heal my son.”

Gaza, which is now barely able to deal with the ordinary patients, could not deal with the situation of children Chloe, and appeals to his father and President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority leadership to provide a permanent cure.

(Facebook / 04.08.2011)

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