Why are there human rights enemies

should it not be the most important thing in our civilization that the humanity is for all people???

or is the consideration of human rights depending on how rich you are???

Human rights violation is mostly by the powerfull countries who claim the democracy, starting by holding the truth reaching the own nation, and controlling the media.

They are starting wars, killing people, stealing Land, supporting occupiers, lets take for example the USA, apart from the activist arresting, and the totaly media controll in America,

they started a war in Iraq with false accusations, and only causing violence and caused cleavage of the People, now after many years of occupation in Iraq, The President Mr Obama say that there is no Military solution in Iraq and never was, easy said, after destroying the country and stole the oil.

Afghanistan, is also the US Army, they fight against the Taliban which they supported once, and they never will be able to end the war. they will only cause a civil war as usual.

Libya the next war where they have no right and only need the to steal the oil the Gold , and really i myself as an Arab can not say in the moment on which side the majority of the Libyen people are, I only can say that the Nato is doing War Crimes in Libya.

and then we have the main and oldest human rights violation, which is meanwhile supported by nearly the whole world, PALESTIAN, a nation that its land has been stolen, and because of their pride and honor they get killed, torture, only because they say no, and dont give up, Gaza since many years under Siege, West Bank Building settelments, and what i find funny is that any UN Resolution against israel, we have the American Veto, not caring about any Human Rights.

wake up America, wake up Americans, this one way politic will cause your own end, dont wonder why are you so hated, the people of the world are seeking for Freedom, Peace, and the right to live as Human

(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri / 01.08.2011)

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