A request of help;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Facebook / 25.07.2011)

Here Iam again, with a request to all who reads this Note, or better said this REQUEST

I am Raef an Egyptian German, I call myself an Aktivist for Human Rights and Freedom, as I was starting to organize an Aid convoy to Gaza, mainly with medical Aid, I and my friend got the opportunity to join the Freedom Flotilla 2, we bought an Ambulance, filled it with medical and diffrent Aid items.

So as I had the honor to be a member of the Flotilla , I am very disapointed not to reach GAZA, yes maybe its a dream, but I will do my best to make it real, and hope we could get bigger and bigger.

By the time of the Flotilla, it was said Rafah is open, i knew through people in Egypt, that they dont come through and are stopped by Egyptian Army. Even a Scottish Aid Convoy which had a permition from the Egyptian Embassy is stopped.

We should wake up not only that the siege of Gaza is against every rules of the Humanity and a unjustice special as it is made by a Goverment called the only Democracy (is there any ) in the region, it is coming over to Europe as we saw what was in Greece, and its the biggest lie of oue coruppt media.

So my request is help and join to Help the people in the biggest prison in the World the Gaza Strip.

we need all kind of support

-. People who want to join, from different countries

-. support in the coordinating from different countries

-. Sponsor from all kind best is medical item, equipment, food.

-. Donation for all the costs like Ferry or trucks

Its really important to have more supporters, and this not only for the people of Gaza or Palestinian, its important for us in Europa and everywhere in this World, before we get under oppression

So please help lets get together to stop this unjustice and to support the Human Rights

Please spread it in any case

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