Weapons and Extremism

The world would go under on drugs, weapons and extremism. About drugs maybe i will come back another time again. Now it is weapons and extremism, moreover , weapons in the hands of extremists.

Is there a difference between the shooter in Alphen aan de Rijn (Netherlands) en the shooter in Norway? The first one heard voices in his head and the second voices on the internet? Of course you will say, the Dutch shooter was schizofrenic and the Norway shooter an extremist. Ok, in this case you are right, but still both men have killed innocent people. People who thought were save on the place they were.

In Norway the shooter has taken a political alibi, a right wing extremism. And in the mean time he has written his pamflet, in which he has talked about the Islam who will taken over Europe and – special noticed – in the Netherlands.

Why does a man get this wrong ideas about Islamisering of Europe? Because there are people who are talking (brainwashing people, young persons) all day and night the same: Islam is the enemy, has to be stopped, is evil and is taken over our land, our houses and wives, etc. etc. etc.

Let me tell you, Islam has nothing planned to take over, Islam is a peacful religion. This you can read in the Qur’an where is written that we are forbidden to kill people, muslims or non muslims. E.q. in Soerah al-Maa-idah (5:32) we can read that everyone who kills another person, it is like he kills humanity. Even suicidebombers are forbidden in Islam.

There are high placed people who know the Qur’an very well, who have said that who take his own life, will be forever in hell and don’t go to Paradise. And don’t forget: this people will never be a martyr (Ash-Shaykh ‘Oebayd ibn ‘Abdillaah al-Djaabirie).

Islam is a religion – let that be clear – of persons, more over it is a contract between every individual person with his Creator, with Allah. And that has nothing to do with taken over Europe, really nothing. That more and more people have been converted or convert to Islam, will only mean that the words written down in the Qur’an will be attractive for more and more people.

Islam is build on love and peace, not war, not fighting, not murdering other people, not murdering young people who has spoken the words of supporting Palestine.

The Dutch Muslim Party has written in her program that she wants more and worldwide registration of people who have weapons, and on the other hand an international stop on buying and having weapons in the house or on the street. Only for the persons who has to carry weapons in name of her function, after registration and yearly testing, it would not be forbidden.

It is absolutely not clear why a person needs weapons. And almost every day we see that weapons in the hands of an extremist will give problems to the society. More over when a man like this Norway shooter is brainwashed by people with wrong ideas, with ideas who would separate groups from other groups.

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