‘Norway paid for being pro-Palestinian’

At least 92 people were killed and scores injured on Friday in the twin shooting and bomb attacks by a homegrown terrorist in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and a nearby island.

The suspect is a 32-year-old man, Anders Behring Breivik, who has made a confession of being involved in the armed attack on Utoeya Island that left 87 people dead.

To further discuss the issue, Press TV talks with Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host, from Chicago. Following is the text of the interview:

Press TV: Mr. Lendman, with this individual killing at least 90 people by shooting and bombing them, why would not this act initially be called a ‘terror act’? Now we are seeing more and more sites and newspapers and also broadcast entities now starting to use the word ‘terrorist’, but initially when describing this individual, it was not used ‘terrorist’. However they did use it when they thought that perhaps there were Muslims behind this act.

Lendman: Well, I have written about numerous attacks, numerous individuals, numerous ones that were magically foiled before they happen, numerous ones that were committed every single time. I have written about dozens of these, every single time, the initial accounts, the official accounts turned out to be wrong, falsified.

Later evidence showed the real story was much different. I find it very hard to believe [that] one man, I do not care what he was armed with, managed to kill 91 people before he was stopped. That is almost an impossibility.

It has never happened before but yet supposedly one man did this. Was it one man? Did he have accomplice with hidden shooters? These are great lines from Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘HMS Pinafore.’ …

Can I cite an example? The London Guardian quoted the region police official saying [that] this looks more like Oklahoma City 1995 then World Trade Center. Oklahoma City, I wrote about it today.

I have a brand new article and I will put out tomorrow. I featured Oklahoma City in it. The original account was two terrorists, homegrown, blowing up the Federal Building.

The real story was there was a truck bomb, maybe these people did it [and] maybe they did not. But the real story was a brigadier general and an expert in munitions and armaments conducted a study at a weapons laboratory at … Air force Base and, he concluded, this has never come out on the mainstream media, he concluded it was impossible for this truck bomb to do the damage it did.

How was it done? The building was rigged on inside with multiple explosives done by experts, undetected. Something was rotten in Oklahoma City; I think something is rotten in Oslo. We do not know who is behind this, what the motives are. I have lots of suspicions but it is 24 hours since it happened so we could only speculate…

Press TV: So what are you saying exactly, Mr. Lendman? You have lots of suspicions. Can we talk about at least one of them? What exactly are you saying, when you say that it is similar to Oklahoma City and that Oklahoma City was not what it initially appeared, what exactly do you mean here?

Lendman: Well, I think there are two motives behind all of these attacks. One of them in general is the stoke fear to let government justify its policies. In the case of Norway, it is pulling out of Libya but it is a NATO member. It has got a token force in Afghanistan.

It supports Western imperial wars, not the way Britain and France do but it supports them and another reason maybe [that at] this time, Norway is very supportive of the Palestinian rights.

Very possibly, there are right-wing extremists behind this. Karl Rove [ex deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to former US president George W. Bush] has made a number of visits to Norway in recent weeks.

It could be that they are right-wing extremists who planned this attack to soften the criticism of Israel, to soften the support of the Norwegian government for a Palestinian UN membership. It could be that they want to turn Norway around, take its soft approach, make it a hotter approach, more pro-Israel, less pro-Palestinian.

Very possibly, this is part of it but I will say emphatically that later on we will find out that the original story, the official story, turns out to be false. It has holes in it and we will learn the truth later but it could be months from now when the story is long disappeared from the news.

The one thing I will leave with viewers is [urging them to] be very skeptical of everything that comes out in the official major media, the corporate media, the BBC, the US corporate media, the major newspapers. Be very skeptical of them. Doubt everything, do your own research, do it online and find out real facts.

I discussed it today on my program with a great guest, the progressive radio news hour. Anybody can listen to its archive tomorrow. Go to the progressive radio network, you will hear a wonderful account with a magnificent guest talking about truthful information of what might really have happened in Oslo on Friday.

(www.presstv.ir / 24.07.2011)

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