Palestina / Flotilla II 22.07.2011

Mass arrests taking place now, soldiers breaking from a house to a house arresting people drinking tea #nabisaleh

British charity sends Gaza aid via Egypt

No Israeli apologies to Turkey over Freedom Flotilla deaths

Israeli Troops Attacked Weekly Non-Violent Protests; Three injured, Seven Arrested

The paramedic that was arrested earlier today is now released #nabisaleh

The people who remain under arrest are: 3 Palestinian men 2 of them are from #nabisaleh

Building houses in #Araqeeb #Mosawa

Soldiers breaks into Basheer’s house kicking everyone out #nabisaleh his son Tarek was arrested today from his house

Israel sets out major settlement blueprint

RT @ManaraRam: A gas bomb exploded in the hands of a soldier in #nabisaleh

Arrests: a paramedic, a citizen from #nabisaleh, a child from the town and 5 int’l and Israeli activists

RT @ManaraRam: From the rooftop firing gas, sound and rubber bullets”



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