Egypt is not for Sale!!!!

Today I have got the best news since a longer time, it was only from one source but a reliable source.

The news translated from the Arabic: “America – Egypt | “Congress” voted to cut off aid to Egypt .. Required to normalize relations with Israel to return” in the first 13 minuts there was 656 comments from Egyptian, who where so happy including myself, and only regret that it didnt come from the Egyptian side, and they warned the Military of making deals with israHELL.

This News even if it is not True, what Idoubt, Shows us what the Egyptian really want, and they will have millions and hundret of millions of supporter all arround the World.

If you ask me this is the start of the end

the Powerfull USA the Zionist israHELL and NWO

-. USA is bankrupt

-. USA § israHELL with there oppressor Democracy are hated all over the World

-. USA with their Lies about Democracy and Human Rights

-. Internet which is showing the truth

-. the Arab Revolution which is getting riad of the traitor Leader s

-. attacks on civil unarmed Activists (Freedom Flotilla)

This all are some of the reasons, why I say the NWO is breaking, the US can not buy the whole World or steel its resorts.

We the normal people of this world can make it true, we can change the world, that Justice and Truth would rule.

To keep quite, is a support of a crime, a crime which could make us our children suffer like the people of Palestina, to be oppressed like the people of Gaza, to hunger like the people in Africa.

is this the future we dream of?

we must wake up as the people of Tunis, Egypt and all the World, let us demand for our rights and a true Democracy

Lets stop the Evil together, only united we can make the real Democracy


(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri / 22.07.2011)

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