The International Campaign of Supporting Palestine

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Page: Palestine is My Cause

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Join us in this page if You love Palestine …


It’s a name that has been curved deep in our hearts by our dear parents before we were born.. We loved it as we grew up more and more even before seeing it ..

We as Arab, Palestinian youth have deep belief that we have all the right in the land of Palestine and know for sure that we must do a lot for the sake of Palestine .. Therefore, we would like to hold a campaign ( The International Campaign for Supporting the Palestinian Cause ) .. We thought, agreed, planned, and started, yet this star would not be beneficial unless you –Palestine’s lovers- participate with us ..

Our slogan is: ( ♥ O Palestine .. Enough tears ! ♥ )

Our plan will work during each week in the Holy Month of Ramadan .. Each Friday will carry a name that supports the Palestinian Cause; ( Palestine’s Friday, Prisoners’ Friday, Refugees’ Friday, & Jerusalem’s Friday ) ..​lmycase?sk=wall

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