Human Rights, Democracy, Justice

who could tell me what are this words or for whom, who is doing for it, why do our leaders lie and promise us with this words but very quickly they forget it.

They forget that the legitimetate they have is from the people and they should serve them not only to make their bank account bigger on cost of the nation.

the US president say Human Right he talks against Gaddafi and Al Asaad with what right where is the Rights for the Palestinen ppl, even what is with the Human Rights in the America, Obama clean your own Home befor you show others how to clean if you can not better to step down, every day israHELL bombs kills and arrest civilian even Children.

Germany anybody in the Parlament is prohibited to join or support the Freedom Flotilla, even worth it is stopped any support for Palestina.

The Greek Goverment has pokered to high, by Stopping the Flotilla but the majority of the Greek people are supporting the Flotilla. and the result we will see soon. it is strange that the mos leadersdidnt learn from Egypt that the only demands come from the people , they are the legiteam power.

Today the UNESCO made the statement that Jerusalem is the Capital of israHELL, oki but there is a UN Resolution that it belongs to Palestina, there are hundreds of UN Resolution against israHELL and the world is standing supporting the evil.

Its not new, long time ago, as the white man (from the west) came to Africa, simple Human black african, was having a simple life, and told him not to steel, but they didnt have something to be stolenand what did the white man he stole the Human themself, they made the to slaves, is this democracy

the same today. they accuse for exampel the Palestinen people that they are Terrorist , but they kill them steal their land, and say that israHell is the only democracy, for whom???

Obama Merkel and how ever they all are called stop befor its to late, we want freedom and we will get it.

(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri /15.07.2011) 

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