Gaza / Flotilla II 130711

The Dignité sails on as Spanish activists stage hunger strike in Athens, calling for release of their ship

RT @GazaYBO: The israeli army is going crazy and it looks like we’re going to have a hot night in #Gaza .

#Breaking : At this moment israeli warships are shooting using heavy machine guns at the people sitting at the shore of northen Gaza beach

Breaking : The isearli F16s targeted different places in Rafah, Khanyonis and east of #Gaza

Breaking : A number of explosions heard in #Gaza

#Airflotilla | I flew in to help Palestinians plant olive trees. The Israelis took me to a prison in the deser

Settlers attack Palestinian car near Jenin

Israel cancels amnesty for members of Al-Aqsa martyrs brigade

Israeli Police Arrests 11 Palestinian Teenagers in #Silwan

Jewish Teenaged Settler Attack Palestinian Shepherds on Palestinian Land

Israel Approves Building Museum on Site of Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem


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