Belgium arrests 60 activists are heading to Gaza

Belgian security authorities arrested the morning of Sunday 60 politically active in the field of human rights, and the Brussels Airport, to prevent them from boarding a plane, and go to the occupied territories to enter Gaza. And aims to activists demanding an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza, and to allow international aid campaigns to enter Gaza, and to provide the required assistance needed by the besieged Palestinians.
The Belgian authorities explained their disposal, that the detainees of the 300 political activists were among those on the list of Israeli black, and is not allowed to enter the occupied territories, and therefore, under the request from Tel Aviv will not be allowed to leave Brussels directly to the entity.
She pointed out that the Belgian authorities in each of the airports of Charles de Gaulle in France, and Contran in Switzerland, has been implementing the same procedures, to prevent those on the list of Zionism from leaving the airport to Tel Aviv.
It is noteworthy that Greece has recently banned 20 ships from sailing through its ports to go to Gaza, along the lines of last year’s flotilla, which led to the failure of a campaign of humanitarian aid to the sector.
International activists insist on running the campaign again in the coming weeks.

( Facebook / 10.07.2011)

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