Flotilla II & Flytilla 090711

seems a;; demos are over today, Tweeters in Bethlehem, is anything happening tomorrow in Beit Sahour or Walajeh?

#AirFlotilla: ACTION – #Paris policemen arrest ppl by force, put in buses. One said “Go back to ur countries”, he forgot that WE’RE FRENCH!

Protesters didnt want to enter through the fences since their number is very small, they might cut it in different location now #Qalandia

Protesters managed to cut the fences, weird thing is that the army didn’t arrive to the scene #Qalandia

The response to #flotilla2 and #flytilla speaks volumes about character of Israeli govt. The world is watching & many more will take action

Report: Of +110 illegal Israeli outposts in #oPt, NONE was dismantled in 1st half of 2011, instead ~100 new units were added.

The power of solidarity and the need for freedom are forces that cannot be stopped by mere tricks. Our will is strong. #flotilla #flotilla2

Cutting the fences in #Qalandia started, people are busy in work, will update you as soon as I can

#AirFlotilla: Pic – ACTION – Activists banned from boarding protesting near #Paris townhall.

The activists are still sitting in the bus waiting for another bus of activists to arrive and start the demo at #Qalandia

URGENT ACTION ALERT RT ▶ #AirFlotilla:Action surprise a l’Hotel de Ville de #PARIS NOW! Venir avec tshirts, RT! Slogan:”Liberez nos amis!”

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