Clashes Between Marchers and Israeli Soldiers on Kalinda Checkpoint

Ramallah – PNN – Clashes occured today at noon between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers near the Kalinda checkpoint, south of Jerusalem, after activists began march advocating nonviolent activities against the Israeli occupation.



The demonstration marks the anniversary of the High Court decision against Israel building the separation wall.The march started from Kalinda refugee camps opposite the military checkpoint between Ramlaah and Jerusalem. Several internationals insisted on attending as the march begins a string of demonstrations and action that will last one week.

The protestors say they are fighting the wall and discrimination and also asking the world to implement the High Court’s decision. The coordinator of the campaign, Jamal Joma, told PNN that this week of demonstrations are to tell the world that “they should help break the siege, implement the International Court of Justice, and stop their silence against Israeli aggression.” Joma expects that the Israeli army will respond to the protests aggressively, because this is what usually happens.

Joma believes the Israeli authorities are angry because of the concurrent campaigns led by the Gaza flotilla and the arrival of pro-Palestinian activists at Ben-Gurion airport. He added, “the International Solidarity Movement is an important movement in the struggle against the Israeli occupation because it gives the real image of the occupation.” He assured that he and his peers would continue the struggle despite the Israeli decision forbidding internationals to enter in the Palestinian territories.

Joma added finally that this Israeli opposition will increase the amount of people sympathetic to solidarity as it show that nonviolent resistance is the right way to defeat Israel’s occupation.

( / 09.07.2011)

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