“We’re going to the border on July the 16th!”

The July 16th Youth Movement from Turkey, aims to show our support for a Free Syria. The Movement is organizing an event: “We’re going to the border on July the 16th!”. Young people around Turkey will join this event and demonstrate at the border on that day. Furthermore, refugee camps in Hatay will be visited. The Youths will bring with them some notes and messages that tell our feelings and opinions on the Syrian issue. To make our Syrian brothers and sisters feel that they are not alone.

Let’s also write a few sentence! Arabic, English or Turkish, please add your words for a Free Syria!

(They will all be translated to Arabic)

For Example;

“””We support our brothers and sisters in Syra for their cause. Your cause is also ours and we will always help you to get the freedom.May Allah guide you and be with you!! (Rokiyya Noor, Turkey)”””

A Statement from the July 16th Youth Movement

The Syrian people rose up in the face of the repressive regime that has ruled the country with an iron fist for 48 years. The protest movements started in Syria on March 15, 2011 in the city of Daraa, and then spread to all corners of Syria with protesters demanding freedom and dignity, as hundreds of thousands of the Syrian people took to the streets with the chants of “freedom, freedom”!

The Ba’athist regime utilized heinous violence to suppress the freedom protests and in the process have killed more than 3,000 civilians according to official estimates, including 90 children.

Every day that passes in Syria, there is an increase in the number of killed as the regime continues to massacre our brothers and sisters in Syria only because they asked for freedom!

We, as young men and women in Turkey, so that we will not stand as silent spectators to injustice and brutality committed against the Syrian people, have decided that we will move from all corners of Turkey on Friday June 15th, 2011, towards Hatay, and will meet on Saturday July 16th, 2011, to support our Syrian brothers and sisters. We will visit our guests who have fled from the repression and brutality of the Syrian regime and do what we can to help ease their pain.

If we look at the history of the world, all revolutions and movements for change and freedom have fallen on the shoulders of the youth.
The Syrian youth and children from Daraa lit the spark for the freedom movements in Syria.

We, as Turkish youth, as a united front, will stand in solidarity with our Syrian brothers and sisters in times of distress and prosperity, in times of misfortune and happiness. We will share in their happiness, we will share in their urgency, and their sorrow and we will demonstrate to everyone that the Syrian people are not alone.

The people of the Middle East know the region well, and we are an integral part of this region. We as Turkish youth, in the name of humanity, support the self-determination of the Syrian people.

We will see you on the border of the Hatay Province on Saturday July 16, 2011.

They may be able to set borders constrain us, but they will never be able to constrain our dreams.

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(Facebook / 07.07.2011)

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