Flotilla II 070711

Indicating the reasons for administrative reasons
Greece, Gaza, which set out the correct French kept his ship in Crete
Giritte cut off the French ship managed to escape the path of Greek territorial waters.

Palestinian Information Center [07/07/2011 – 11:19 AM]

Freedom Squadron-2 organizers, today (July 7, Thursday) In their statement, the Gaza Strip, which set out the correct order of the Government of Greece in Crete, retention of the French ship, he said.

Claude Leostic Organization spokesman, said in a statement to the media on the issue, “al-Kerami ship was taken to the port of Sitia of Crete by the Greek coast guard forces. Coast Guard forces, while blocked the fuel from a ship near the harbor,” he said.

Leostic, the Greek authorities did not encourage the movement of the ship said, citing administrative reasons.

19metre-long ship, the French extreme left leader Olivier Besancenot, and El-Kerame’de French Green Party MEP, including Nicole Kiil-Nielsen is one of twelve activists.

The Government of Greece, threatening to use force against the Freedom Flotilla-2, which bowed to pressure from the Zionist occupation regime in the Gaza Strip will move on to the ships ‘passengers’ safety of life protection “does not allow the plea since Friday.

Waiting for the ports of Greece to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza Freedom Flotilla-2, while the ships belonging to the Greek blockade, the day before the event took place and an escape into stunned everyone, the French boat in the fleet, “El-Kerami” Greek SAT commandos keep watch 24 hours a day Although Greece had managed to leave the territorial waters.

(Facebook / 07.07.2011)

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