Flotilla II 060711

Israeli checkpoints kill women in childbirth, says new study

In our thousands, in our millions, we are all #Palestinians

Solo #Gaza relief ship Dignite Al Karama presses on for the dignity of #Palestine

Tiny port of Ormos Kouremenos in E Crete was to have been final stop before Dignity began crossing to Gaza #flotilla2

Dignity had taken on 1000 litres of fuel and was awaiting 2nd load when Greek coast guard appeared by land & sea & held the boat

French ship “Dignity” seized by Greek forces while refueling in eastern Crete before heading to Gaza (FR)

Flotilla to Gaza: “Dignity” intercepted by the Greek coastguard

‘The port is empty, the port is for you, for security’ said a coast guard

#Flotilla2 MT @quentingirard: Dignité stopped by coast guard. They say ship could move again tomorrow. More info on liberation.fr in 20 mins

Gaza: Stay human? Just Staying Alive Is Hard Enough


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